Redraft ADP For Upcoming Redraft Leagues

Now that we are in September, redraft leagues will continue to pick up. Here are players to wait on and players I should have waited on. I’m going…

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fantasy offenses

QB Strategy: Redraft vs Superflex

In redraft leagues, the biggest question is when to draft a QB. Here, I will dive into my strategy and how it compares to the average ADP. The…

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Auction Draft Budget Busters: Players to Fade

As fantasy draft season soon approaches, it’s important to recognize which players are best to avoid at their ADP/cost. The purpose of this article will be to unveil…

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waiver wire week 2

Team D/ST Fantasy Rankings for 2021

Choosing a fantasy team D/ST is not always the most exciting pick in your draft. However, if you hit, team D/ST can provide incredible returns. Here’s my 2021…

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DFS minute Week 2

Fantasy Wars: Zero RB vs RB Heavy

Fantasy Wars: Zero RB or RB Heavy? Representing Zero RB is Christian Anabalon. On the RB Heavy side, is Will Weiss. Who’s got the right draft strategy? You…

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fantasy offenses

Which Fantasy Offenses Are Set To Expand in 2021?

What can 2020 tell us about the potential for offenses in 2021? Which 2021 offseason changes should we care about when projecting the potential for increased fantasy output? 

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draft picks value

The Time Value of Draft Picks in Trades

Embed from Getty Images A current second-round pick is more valuable than one next year. But how much does draft pick value change from year to year? Time…

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The Art of Fantasy Football Trades

The Draft is the second most important aspect of dominating your fantasy football league. The first? Making trades. Before you all gather your pitchforks and torches because you…

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Mise en place, part 2: Making Moves

Embed from Getty Images The dynasty draft is over, and your roster is full. What now? Well now, you start making moves. In Mise en place part 1,…

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waiver wire week 3

Mise en place, part 1: Planning the 2021 season

Embed from Getty Images Dynasty draft season is nearly over. What do you do now?   You’ve spent the last five months researching rookies and their landing spots.…

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