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IDP Sales Pitch: Why You Should Play IDP in 2021

Embed from Getty Images Why is IDP the next step for you? Let me give you the full sales pitch. Individual Defensive Player (IDP) leagues have been gaining…

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Different IDP Scoring Settings – Customization Is The Standard

IDP is growing at a rapid pace and some are calling for a “standard scoring setup”. I am here to tell you this NOT necessary, and it actually…

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Anatomy Of A Championship IDP Defense 2019/2020 Season

Matt Ioannidis was parting opposing quarterbacks booties like Moses parted the Red Sea all season long. Yeah what the hell, one more before we close it down and…

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The IDP “EDGE Pledge”

We Are Living in the Past Fantasy Football Individual Defensive Players, better known as IDP or FFIDP, is growing more popular by the day. I’ve been playing fantasy…

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Inception Into IDP Fantasy Football

  Are you looking to further your knowledge of fantasy football. Here I give you IDP and how to attack it. The Introduction  LEAGUEMATES: I’ve noticed that the…

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Turning Your Fantasy League Into An IDP League

It may seem to be an insurmountable task, turning your fantasy league into an IDP league. Lets look at some of the reasons why you might want to,…

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First Round of Official Position Changes –

Full List of Initial Position Changes Link: MFL Position Changes Why Are Positions Changing? (The Basics) These position changes are inevitable in most IDP setups. Every year owners…

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Beginner’s Guide To IDP Settings

 Read up on how to make your IDP league the best it can be. These settings are ideal for keeping the players’ value more balanced and keep the…

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Fantasy Football Draft Theory: Bargains On Injured Players

Do not forget about those players who finished on IR last year. Recency bias has a way of pushing a player’s value down, but those players could be…

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IDP Questions For Beginners

  As someone who is new to the IDP format, I asked some of our writers/podcasters questions that somebody who has never played IDP would want answered. Feel…

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