Balanced IDP Scoring Trade Calculator

IDP Trade Calculator *Free Till NFL Kickoff*

The biggest endeavor we have to date, is creating a means for our subscribers to evaluate trades for themselves. IDP is a growing landscape, and there are so many different ways to set up a league and thus a multitude of values out there.

Data background: The values that are set for our IDP and Offense is created using our collected ADP and averaged with our rankings. These are dynasty values, and IDP is based off a balanced scoring that is higher for tackles. We realize that not every scoring system will line up this way, but should give a solid base line to judge your leagues values against.

The numeric system used for values goes up to 15,000. So when you get the trade output, the most balanced trade would be equivalent to Zero. Positive or negative values are equivalent to value gained and value lost. Considering the variance swing of 30,000, most trades between 1,000 and -1,000 could be considered fair.

Due to the rapid change of values at times from injury, we will manually adjust values to maintain the trade calculator to be as accurate as possible. If you see any values that seem off, please feel free to reach out to
Please Understand That There Are A Lot Of NFL Players.  If You Don’t Find A Player Then Their Value Is Below Our Measure Of Value. This Value Is Set For Perceived Value That Is Used In Trades, Sleepers Are Just That Because Their Perceived Value Is Low And You Can Get Them For Cheap.

Special thanks to Tyler Ghee and Joey Defeo.

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