2018 IDP Narrative Dossier Entry Log Five

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Welcome to entry log five of the IDP Tipster’s Narrative Dossier. If you want solid takes, here is where you will find them!

2018 IDP Narrative Dossier

The simple summary of the introduction to the 2018 IDP Narrative Dossier is accountability, which can be found in Entry Log One.

Entry Log Five

If we note the dates of the publications and ask most writers when it is at it’s hardest time of the year to attempt secure “takes”, the likely answer would be right at end of one regular season, thru the free agency period, and after the rookie draft. There are just so many variables in that time span that can change everything in one single event occurrence.

But overflowing with confidence after a strong 2017 season I found myself stepping towards that cliff instead of taking a step back from the edge and began the off-season recklessly. I don’t have any regrets in doing so and simply had the intentions to reward all that had supported me in 2017. While I directly wanted to provide as early as possible actions to be executed before any mainstream media or “gurus” caught on. It is a simple philosophy, gain the edge early and let that momentum carry us through and into the following season.


It is at this point we will change the avenue of the “takes” away from the deep offseason perspective. At this time is when I joined in my partnership with The IDP Guys website in early June as they launched the actual site. It is also at this time of the offseason that the content of the article becomes a little more “in time” as the NFL is about to enter camp soon and more information starts flowing from the organizations.

We started off with some standard information I like to always have on hand, but then we get right to business and things have not slowed down yet. With camps starting and preseason in full swing, I’d like to note I have never seen so much potential IDP players standing out. 2018 is going to be great!

6/12-6/15; The following four articles are with the site launch.

The IDP Bible

This “IDP Bible”, that I like to refer to it as, has my suggested approach to our IDP rosters and starting lineups for fantasy football with additional information as to why it is a proven method. As the IDP format grows there are some informational aspects that should be known as basic and a baseline to success. We will cover per position what players we should target first and in a general order. Just like the offensive side of the ball in fantasy football, the IDP or defensive side of the ball can be addressed in a manner that increases the odds we will accomplish our goals.” – Informative and no “takes”

Five Year Rookie Success Rate Tracker

“Oddsmaker By The Numbers: Rookie IDP overall who have managed to reach the top 64 in combined tackles according to NFL.com end of the year statistics in their rookie season. This is an all position and all player available ranking. Tiers may vary, but I choose to use these tiers for a floor with “standard” size leagues of 10 – 14 teams and with 6 – 8 IDPs per starting lineup.”Informative and no “takes”

Determining IDP Trade Values Simplified

“THE TRADE VALUE SITUATION: Offensive players have always been the base of any fantasy league even if it involves a league including IDP players. We all have a general idea of how to value different tiers of players when it comes to trading. However, there is a standard in offensive players between the different tiers we use to determine the values.”Informative and no “takes”

ADP Review: Early Summer Look At IDP’s Stacking Up In Redraft

“When I started out on one idea that I wasn’t exactly excited about and feeling the pressure with the launch date approaching, I was shocked to see the updated ADP results concerning a few players on MFL. They just happen to be my preferred play when enjoying an FF league, and I believe the ADP info there is relevant in all of FF.”Informative and opinionated, no new “takes”

Article style break, back to business.

6/21; Oddsmaker: Determining The IDP Relevant Carolina Panthers Safeties

“Rashaan Gaulden is and happens to be my target at what should be an affordable investment with the most upside.” & “With Gaulden’s name not yet hitting mainstream fantasy football airwaves as Searcy’s has this is the more primed player for odds of making a low investment with what actually could turn into a productive IDP play.” – Helping bring Gaulden to the forefront as a flier investment, so far so good and at this point and time a “Hit”.

6/22; IDP Tipster’s Futures: Is The Fantasy Community Sleeping On Josey Jewell?

“Which then opens his(Jewell) floor up as a Tier 2 linebacker for our IDP purposes with a ceiling likely hitting the upper tier 2 in time. If we are needing to start upward to four linebackers we should view him as an LB4 for now. He is beyond a flier and no longer a sleeper, he is a real prospect for us to get rostered. – Stating Todd Davis is replaceable and Jewell will be the guy sooner than later. Currently, Davis did not play in the first preseason came and the way Jewell played this “take” is in motion and still needs to be determined.

6/30; Oddsmaker: The L.A.C. Linebacker In And Out Teaser

Disclaimer: I am only making the “call” on one player. This is #1 and only one I’m willing to claim in this take. My overall best advice is to avoid this entire situation if actually considering that you might not. I definitely don’t suggest any player mentioned to be considered at this point for your starting lineups. They should only be depth players with upside potential or in some cases not.” & “1. Jatavis Brown: He will bounce back and end up leading the Chargers linebackers in both production and snaps in 2018. Production level will likely range in the tier 2 level.”- A “soft take”, but a “take” nonetheless, they are still playing it out in camp at this time and quite frankly if you read the article you’ll understand when I say I am not currently tracking it to update now.

7/7; The IDP Tipster’s June 2018 Offensive Player Avoid List


-This article is long and informative as well as opinionated with “takes” on why they are “avoids” for me then and likely now as ADPs have probably changed some. Due to the length and approach that was taken in making the list, we will review at the end of the 2018 season and determine on how many of the players I was right or wrong about in avoiding. And because they are the offensive player “takes”, the accountability of the “takes” will be determined separately and not included in my overall percentage on IDP.

7/22; From The Shadow “Takes”: IDP Thoughts, IDP Auction Values, & Kwon Vs. Diggs

New series of articles including content from private evaluations of IDP questions. With permission of course afterward to publish. I have the habit to always wait until the situation is resolved before determining if I ask the person if I can go forward with the content in article form.

-Informative and opinionated, no new “takes”

8/5; From The Shadow “Takes”: Polemic Thinking, McDougald Vs. Harrison, & Addressing The Million Dollar Question

New series of articles including content from private evaluations of IDP questions. With permission of course afterward to publish. I have the habit to always wait until the situation is resolved before determining if I ask the person if I can go forward with the content in article form.

-Informative and opinionated, no new “takes”

9/14; IDP Tipster’s Futures: Philadelphia Eagle Linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill, Place Those Bets

“The final take: I’m making the call, get KGH if you have the room, or can drop the extra depth. Again need to say, think this out, don’t drop a proven player here for him. He is going to be relevant one way or the other and the Eagles will end up using this kid up in one form or another. I would set his floor as a low LB2 to a ceiling of a solid LB2. I know what the rumors are about the weakside linebacker not being an every-down player”. – Simply in play and we will determine at the end of the season.

8/15; IDP Tipster’s Futures: Kansas City Chiefs Safety Armani Watts Unleashed

“My final “take”: If your looking for a DB2 type with upside Watts should be our target as a player that is likely sitting on waiver wires. He should also become a player that we draft in the later second wave of rookie drafts and in third waves of redrafts.” – Simply in play and we will determine at the end of the season.

8/15; IDP Tipster’s Futures: Carolina Panthers Cornerback Donte Jackson, Ante Up

My final “take”: As the situation sits at this moment if you need an under the radar cornerback with “upside”, my number one suggested cornerback pick up now and before he trends upward anymore than he is starting to, is Jackson.”

-Simply in play and we will determine at the end of the season.

8/21; IDP Tipster’s Futures: Carolina Panthers Safety Rashaan Gaulden Is The Wild Card Draw

Either way, how this “take” is heading, Gaulden is worth the pick up based more on his own merits. They’ll use this rookie for what he offers and his upside is he is still currently third in line for playing time. I don’t have a “hard take” on how he ends the season, as in what tier among the defensive backs he lands in.” -Simply in play and we will determine at the end of the season.


Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at gmtvandyke@gmail.com. And be sure to catch me on periscope via Twitter and look for me on those podcasts.







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