• 2018 Top 40 IDP Fantasy Football: Safeties

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    Here is a look at the IDP fantasy football safeties ranked 21-40 from 2018 and IDP Dude’s predictions on who has the best chance to jump into the top 20 during the 2019 season

    2018 Safeties 21-40

    Now that we have our 21-40 ranked safeties from 2018 let’s take a look at who I think has the best chance to make the top 20 list in 2019.

    Vonn Bell, New Orleans Saints

    Despite only starting half of the games in 2018, Bell still produced the second most tackles on the team with 89 trailing Demario Davis with 110. Before the 2018 season the Saints moved on from safety Kenny Vaccaro who was frustratingly inconsistent and brought in veteran Kurt Coleman. This didn’t end up working out for the Saints as we saw throughout the season. Eventually Bell gained control of the snap count and went on to have his best season yet. Bell only played 71.5% of the snaps in 2018 and looking ahead to 2019 it seems the Saints are comfortable rolling with the duo of Vonn Bell – SS and Marcus Williams – FS which bodes well for Bell’s outlook.

    Landon Collins, Washington Redskins

    A change of scenery for the Crimson Tide alum should provide plenty of IDP opportunity in Washington. Collins is still one of the elite safeties and one of the top producers for IDP fantasy football. Before suffering a season ending injury that held him out of the final four games in 2018, Collins was on pace to finish as the 5th best IDP safety. You shouldn’t need any convincing that Collins will return to form in 2019 playing behind a weak very linebacker corps in Washington.

    I expect to see Collins in the box getting his jersey dirty and pacing the Redskins in tackles during the 2019 campaign. It’s been Collins’ dream to follow in the footsteps of the late Sean Taylor and he will do everything he can to do right by the player he idolized growing up, especially if he gets to wear #21 which hasn’t been done by any redskins player since Sean Taylor in 2007.

    Quandre Diggs, Detroit Lions

    I’m not sure where to start with Mr. Diggs. Do yourself a favor and lookup “Quandre Diggs highlights” and you will spend a solid amount of time you’ll never get back being entertained by the plays this dude makes. I read this eye popping stat that I wanted to share: “Diggs was the only defensive back in the NFL this season with 75-plus tackles, three interceptions, three tackles for loss and a pick-six. He and Buffalo’s Jordan Poyer are the only defensive backs in the NFL with 130-plus tackles, eight tackles for loss, six interceptions and a pick-six over the last two seasons combined”.

    The converted corner just missed out on the top 20 in 2018 but I’m driving the 2019 bandwagon for Diggs and hope to get away with drafting him in the later rounds of IDP leagues. He’s still a bit under the radar even after putting together a sold 2018 campaign.

    Jabrill Peppers, New York Giants

    A bit of a hot take here but as it stands now, Peppers and Antoine Bethea are poised to hold down the backend for the Giants in 2019. We saw what Beathea did in 2018 but age is not on his side. Bethea will be 35 before the season starts and despite his role on the team as the SS he won’t be used the same way Collins was used prior to his departure. Part of Beathea’s projected role is a circumstance to the acquisition of Peppers who does show some similarities to Collins.

    Peppers is a natural box safety who can take on a hybrid role, has the speed to hit the gaps well and is a bit of a thumper when given the opportunity. I think a year or two next to Bethea will only further his development and I would be all over trying to buy low on Peppers now before his shot at a breakout season.


    Honorable Mention: Clayton Geathers, Indianapolis Colts

    Geathers missed four games but still managed to put together a very serviceable season for IDP fantasy owners in 2018. He bounced back from another scary neck injury in which he only missed two games. The Colts have yet to decide on their plans for Geathers in 2019 so I have to leave him off this list for now. Should he return to the Colts or find another favorable landing spot in the league, there is no doubt Geathers will flirt with top 20 numbers again in 2019.

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