DB Grades

Below you will find ranks for all 32 NFL defensive and positional units from the 2021 season in several statistics. At this time, the raw statistics are gathered from Pro Football Reference and ran through a series of spreadsheets to generate additional metrics before ranking each team. The data is further broken down by position so that each positional unit for a team (ie. Linebacker) can be compared to the same position on another team.

Most of the metrics below will be familiar to IDP managers, but some of them are ratios that might not be utilized in most other sources. When possible, the lesser-known metrics are represented by the calculation to get them. For example, PD+Int:Target is a ratio that adds passes defensed and interceptions before dividing the total by the number of targets. This gives an idea of how often a position group successfully made a play on the ball.

A less straightforward metric is snap ratio. I wanted to have an idea of how much a team utilized players within a position that wasn’t impacted by the total volume of snaps that a team played. To get this, I add all the snaps by players at a position then divide that total by the total number of snaps by total team snaps. The result can be thought of as the average number of players at a position that is on the field at any given time.

This table is a great way to quickly see how a defense stacks up relative to other teams in IDP relevant categories. Be sure to follow the IDP Post-Mortem series for more in-depth discussion on this data.

Overall team and position unit grades will be assigned as the IDP Post-Mortem series comes out to provide a quick impression of which teams IDP managers will want to invest in for next season.

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