• Fantasy Football 2023: IDP and Offense Custom Scoring Tool

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    IDPGuys.org is pleased to announce that we have gone live with our Custom Scoring Tool and 2023 fantasy football projections.

    We have over 1,200 IDP and offensive player projections. Our projection model takes into account many variables. Examples include:

    • Injury histories
    • Players coming off of significant injuries and expected performance impacts
    • Impact of correlating injuries (e.g. Kyler Murray to Cardinals WRs/TEs)
    • Player Ages
    • Historical Breakout Time Periods
    • Players Changing Teams
    • Rookie Draft Landing Spots and related veteran impacts
    • Positive and Negative Regression tied to peak seasons and disappointing seasons
    • Past Workload Impacts
    • Revised depth charts and expected snap impacts

    Keep the Status Quo the Status Quo

    Our projections do not — and will not — follow the status quo. We incorporated years of experience and statistics into our projections to help you draft the best team for the upcoming year.

    While unsigned free agents are currently not projected, the good news is that throughout the offseason, we will periodically update our projections and incorporate additional signees into those results.

    You're probably wondering how you can get your hands on this incredible information. Well, it is only available to subscribers of IDPGuys.org. Subscribers can find this information in our Tools Section via the “Custom Scoring Tool.”

    The Custom Scoring Tool allows you to build rankings for your upcoming drafts using our proprietary projections and your leagues’ specific scoring systems. You can adjust for PPR vs. non-PPR, points per tackle, points per sack, and points per pass defended, to name a few.

    Also, please note that we are following industry trends and have thus combined defensive ends, edge, and outside Linebackers into one designation labeled DE (defensive edge).

    One of the most common questions we receive yearly is where to draft IDP players relative to offensive skill players. Well, our Custom Scoring Tool, with your specific scoring parameters, enables you to answer that question easily.

    Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t share another important aspect of the Custom Scoring Tool and our projections. These tools are a great way to identify players to target before they become hot commodities and unload before they begin faltering in performance.

    We are very excited about our projections and our updated Custom Scoring Tool. Become an IDP Guys subscriber to take advantage of our Custom Scoring Tool and many other tools and articles from our experienced team of analysts.

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