2023 IDP Fantasy Football: A Dozen Late-Round Defensive Backs To Target

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We are just days away from the first game of the 2023 NFL season! If you haven't drafted your IDP fantasy teams yet, or need some last-minute pickups in the defensive backfield, we've got you covered. Check out these 12 late-round DBs to take flyers on in your 2023 IDP fantasy football leagues!

Ask any IDP player about an effective team-build strategy, and most would tell you to wait to fill your DB slot. The easiest way to build a strong roster is to usually fade the DB and build a team around elite DLs and LBs. Given the abundance of starting safeties in the NFL and the volatility of the scoring position, IDP managers have the flexibility to de-emphasize the position while still securing dependable choices.

Punting defensive back has never been this easy as it's been a good position to fade in recent seasons. But this season it's even better the long list of players to choose from. The unpredictability from season to season also makes it predictable.

This article was designed for players to wait on defensive back, and then even further wait later rounds than those guys would ever dream. These players, as their ADP reflects from Sleeper per Fantasydata.com below are either last-round gems or free in your leagues, and will more assuredly shatter their ADP. As this is the last article  I'm written before the season starts good luck putting the final pieces together, and respect the hustle.

"Good things come to those who wait, but only what's left from those who hustle!”

― Abe Lincoln

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Marcus Epps, Las Vegas Raiders, ADP DB58

Whenever you have a bad defense, and then add competent veteran safety experience, you could usually expect high tackles here. Epps comes to mind instantly, but there is more to Marcus Epps than meets the casual eye. He held up well with the Eagles and is very reliable at making tackles. He is a physical player, a hard-hitting safety and rarely misses tackles. But you need to know before drafting he's a liability in coverage:

Played well in 2020 and 2021, but suddenly fell off a cliff in 2022. When targeted:

  • 141.2 QB rating

  • 5 TD surrendered

But that's the thing, he'll give you the catch but then make the clean hit on the ball player as outlined in this video. Epps will be the big hit stick guy lined up in the box when called upon. This is an example of players not actually being good at their job, but due to reps and snaps, he'll be valuable on a team that needs to stop the ball. Opportunity is king.

His value has been going up lately, but earlier this season was a steal to obtain in drafts. This ranking feels about right just keep an eye on your scoring format. Don't expect Epps to deliver interceptions and deflections regularly. If that happens consider this a bonus.

Rudy Ford, Green Bay Packers, ADP DB163

Rudy Ford is the hard-working safety to own in Greenbay now, not Jonathan Owens. Take advantage of this before your league mates find out. This is the case of sites not keeping up with the preseason. Enjoy the absolute value this brings this time of year and another valid reason to wait at this position while starting your drafts early enough to scoop the pre-season finds. He is a solid DB3-4 for most teams, and this value is dirt cheap.

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Steve Hungarter (IDPHunter)

Steve is U.S Army retired Veteran who's been playing in IDP leagues since 2004. He is currently ranked #4 in IDP accuracy on Fantasy Pros and recently selected into The Fantasy Sports Writers Association for his content. In addition to being an ECR ranker on Fantasy Pros, Steve also writes articles for both Fantasy Six Pack and IDP Plus. When Steve was a kid he got in trouble a lot. He would be held after school for trading his Football cards and comic books. He spent his time in the hallways, doing his own original content. The teachers would say not to do those silly things and obide by the rules. Fortunately, Steve was not a good listener.
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