2024 NFL Scouting Combine Day 2 Winners and Losers (TE and DB)

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Day 2 of on-field testing has concluded at the NFL Scouting Combine! Who amongst the TEs and DBs stood out or underperformed?

Testing numbers are not the end-all-be-all for prospects, but they do help piece together the story of a prospect. Having a higher athletic ability helps NFL and fantasy success, so it is important to see who set themselves apart. Tight Ends and Defensive Backs worked out today, so let’s dive in! (note: there is no particular order to how the players are listed, just how they came to mind!)

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Tight Ends:

Brock Bowers, Georgia

One of the top prospects in this class, the main concern with Bowers was size. He checked in at 6’3” and 243lbs, which clears those concerns. Bowers rested on his tape and did not participate in athletic drills

Ja’Tavion Sanders, Texas

Seen as the clear TE2 in the class, Sanders helped his stock by having a similar size to Bowers. At almost 6’4” and 245lbs, he has good size for an athletic, receiving TE. The 4.69 40-yard dash is less than ideal but more than functional.

Devin Culp, Washington

A tight end under 4.50? Culp posted that spectacular number, helping to offset being only 6’3” and 231 lbs. 

Theo Johnson, Penn State

Johnson was my player to watch at Tight End (link to that article?) and he did not disappoint. A sub-4.60 40 was second best in the class while also having the second-best mark in both jumps. Johnson may have cemented himself as TE3 for fantasy, while also potentially jumping JT Sanders for the TE2 spot.

Ben Sinnott, Kansas State

The fullback type from Kansas State had the best jumps in the group while also posting a super solid 40-yard dash time. His stock is up, showing more athletic ability than was expected.

Dallin Holker, Colorado State

Holker had a poor overall performance, running a 4.78 and being in the bottom 3 amongst TEs in jumps. 

Honorable mentions:

Despite a lack of immense talent in the class, we did see quite a bit of good athleticism. Cade Stover (Ohio State), Tip Reiman (Illinois), Jared Wiley (TCU), Jaheim Bell (FSU), and Tanner McLachlan (Arizona) all ran 4.65 or better. Minnesota’s Brevyn Ford-Spann did not have a great day, with a bottom-2 number in the 40 and both jumps. 

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Terrion Arnold, Alabama

Measured well at just under 6’ and 190 lbs. 4.5s forty feels underwhelming, but the explosive numbers (broad, vert, 10/20 yard splits) are great. A physical corner with 


Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

4.33 speed!!!! One of the top players in the class showed out again with the 40 and solid jumps. Not much else needs to be said regarding the potential top-15 pick.

Nate Wiggins, Clemson

Wiggins’ main issue on tape is play strength, from his slender frame. We have seen some players with size issues bulk up for the combine and opt out of testing (see Bryce Young last year), but Wiggins leaned into his lean-ness. Coming in at 173 is a concern (played closer to 185). He flew with a 4.29 on his first 40 but pulled his hip flexor in the process.

Ennis Rakestraw Jr, Mizzou

Sometimes battling through an injury can look like a great move for a prospect. Unfortunately for Ennis Rakestraw, this is not one of those times. The potential first-round pick had a horrid day overall, clearly hampered by his groin injury. I am willing to scrap these numbers in place of his pro day due to borderline first-round film.

Kool-Aid McKinstry, Alabama

During medicals, McKinstry was found to have a Jones fracture in his right foot. He did not test but may be able to at his pro-day. Athleticism is a question for McKinstry, so this is disappointing. 

Max Melton, Rutgers

Great athletic day! One of the expected slot players in the class putting up a great day. Pushing himself earlier in the day 2 discussion (maybe into round 1). Melton ran a sub-4.40 40 while having a vertical leap of 40.5” and pacing the CBs in the broad jump. Massive stock up for Melton!

Andru Phillips, Kentucky

A projected day 2 pick and top slot corner, Phillips did nothing to hurt his stock. Having elite jumping numbers and a solid 40 helps push him closer to day 2 than day 3.

Mike Sainristil, Michigan

Sainristil had a great day with great jumps and a very good 40. He is one of the top slot players in the class and proved he is a plus athlete. 

Honorable mentions:

We saw very impressive athletic scores from a bunch of other corners as well. Notre Dame’s Cam Hart showed out despite his massive size. Elijah Jones of Boston College and Jarrian Jones of Florida State also had great jumps and 40s. Finally, Deaquan Hardy, a slot and returner from Penn State, had one of the most impressive overall days.

On the other end, Washington State’s Chau Smith-Wade and Penn State’s Kalen King struggled with poor jumps and 40 times. Both players had concerns with athletic ability and some thought they may project better at safety. Those critics now have more ammunition after the athletic showing (though both have some very strong film at corner).

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Kam Kinchens and James Williams, Miami

The safety duo from the U had some of the worst days amongst the safety group. They posted the two slowest 40 times while also having bottom-6 vertical and broad jumps. Kinchens was limited on film but did not seem that limited. The numbers also show why Williams was working with linebackers at the Senior Bowl. 

Tyler Owens, Texas Tech

Unfortunately for Owens, an out-of-this-world (pun intended) performance was cut short due to an injury. He had a record broad jump of 12’2” (next closest was 11’1”) and a 41” vert. This athletic ability alone could see him go on day 2.

Jaden Hicks, Washington State

The potential S1 in this class did not run a 40, but had a decent athletic day overall. His jumps were solid and he measured in very well at 6’2” and 211 lbs. He shows great athleticism on tape, so this did nothing to harm (nor help…) his stock.

Evan Williams, Oregon

The Oregon strong safety measured well at 5’11” 200 lbs. He also tested well, with top 4 numbers in both jumps and a decent 4.60 40. He has safety and nickel ability, which could see him enter the 3rd round.

Cole Bishop, Utah

Utah’s box safety came in at 6’2” and 206 lbs, a good size for an NFL box safety. He added a 4.45 40 and good jumps; 39” vertical and 10’4” broad.

Honorable mentions:

Both Georgia safeties, Tykee Smith and Javon Bullard, had solid days. Auburn’s Jaliyn Simpson and Texas Tech’s Dadrion Taylor-Demison posted great athletic numbers despite being undersized. Kitan Oladapo didn’t post great numbers, but this was expected due to being a big safety.

Thank you for reviewing Day 2 of the NFL Scouting Combine with me! Hopefully your favorite TE, CB, and/or Ss showed out! You can find my other work on the IDP Guys Author Page, and feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss other rookie profiles @JoeLow63 on X, where you can also find and follow @IDPGuys!

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