• 2024 Senior Bowl Spotlight: Javon Baker

    🌟 Dive into the world of college football with this exclusive interview featuring Javon Baker, a wide receiver known for his exceptional skills and potential on the field. Billy Mansell, from IDP+ and the Offensive Points Podcast, hosts this insightful conversation, exploring Javon's journey, challenges, and aspirations.

    🚀 About Javon Baker:
    Javon Baker stands out as a wide receiver with remarkable abilities. His agility, precise route running, and outstanding catching skills have earned him recognition as one of the upcoming talents in football. This interview delves into his experiences, training regimen, and future goals as he eyes a career in the NFL.

    🎤 About Billy Mansell & IDP+:
    Billy Mansell, renowned for his in-depth sports analysis and engaging interviews, brings another compelling conversation to the fans. IDP+ and the Offensive Points Podcast are platforms dedicated to highlighting football talents and providing insightful commentary on the sport.

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