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  • A Q&A With Morehead State Defensive End, Vaughn Taylor

    Vaughn Taylor - Interview


    Morehead State      #7      Defensive End


    6’3” / 248 lbs     Twitter: @V_Taylor17

    Devy IDP Grind podcast link: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-pfvas-dd97a6


    This week's interview is with the super talented Vaughn Taylor of Morehead State. The Senior defensive end was gracious enough to give us a few minutes and discuss his football career, beginning from his Pee Wee days through his college career. Let's dive right into the interview.

    Vaughn Taylor, Morehead State:

    • Played at Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington DC
    • First Team All-Metro Defensive honors from the Washington Post in 2016 after collecting 57 total tackles, 23 sacks and two interceptions, while recording two touchdowns during his senior season.
    • Led the Knights to the DCSAA title in 2016 and was named FCA Defensive MVP during the title game.
    • Named 2019 All-Pioneer Football League First Team
    • Led the PFL in tackles for a loss (18) and tied for the lead in sacks (5½)
    • 22 games played, 85 tackles, 27 tackles for a loss, 14 QB hurries, 8½ sacks, 1 forced fumble, and 2 fumble recoveries

    Who introduced you to the game of football?

    My uncle introduced me to football when I was in the 3rd grade.


    Why did you transfer from Kansas?

    My main reason for transferring from Kansas was to put myself in a better position to achieve my goals. 


    Why did you choose Morehead State to further your football career?

    I decided to transfer to Morehead State because my cousin was already playing there and I liked how the coaching staff planned to use me.


    Your team had a disappointing season this past year, how did you continue to show up each week and what did you learn from that?

    Despite my team not having the season we wanted, I continued to show up because I used it as motivation. Outside of sports things won’t always go how you might want it to go but you have to keep a positive mindset. I was able to learn that in order for things to get better you must come to work every day with a positive mentality


    What’s the one thing you need to improve most about your game?

    One thing I need to improve on is having active hands. 


    What is the strongest part of your game?

    The strongest part of my game is my ability to live in the backfield. 


    Film study is such an important part of football, what are some key things you look for when watching tape?

    When watching the tape I study small things. For instance, how does the offensive lineman change his stance on run plays vs pass plays? I also key in on things such as if the offensive lineman is top-heavy or if he has a high hand or low hand plant. 


    What’s your favorite song of all-time?

    I don’t have a favorite song of all-time. 


    What would you do career-wise, if you didn’t play football?

    If I didn’t play football I would still be working with sports, whether it’s coaching or in an office setting doing something such as compliance.


    What one game would you recommend someone watch of your play?

    One game I would recommend someone to watch would be the Butler game from this past season.


    What one game would you like to replay and why?

    If I could replay one game it would be the game against Murray State because I suffered a sternum bruise early in the game that affected my play.


    Do you play fantasy football?



    What NFL defensive lineman do you pattern your game after?

    I wouldn’t say I pattern my game after just one NFL defensive lineman because I watch a number of defensive linemen and try to pull things from each one. 


    What is the one famous dead person you could talk to for a day and why?

    One famous dead person I would want to talk to for a day would be Martin Luther King Jr. because he played a major role in the world as we know it today. 


    What’s your favorite defensive play call & why?

    I like it when we get the offense in 3rd and long and my defensive line coach lets me and the outside backer run our favorite stunt(Tex).


    How has this Covid-19 pandemic affected your daily routine and what steps have you taken to continue your training and stay sharp?

    The pandemic hasn’t really affected my routine because I work out daily. My trainer allows athletes to come in during different time slots to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines.


    If you could choose the NFL team that you wanted to play for, who would it be and why?

    I would be blessed to have the opportunity to play for any NFL team. 


    If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

    If I could visit any place in the world it would be Ghana because I’ve never been but a few of my friends have told me it was a beautiful place.


    Do you play video games? Which Platform?

    I actually don’t own a gaming system but I do play Madden on my teammate’s Xbox 1 sometimes.


    If you had to tell an inspiring HS player what the hardest part of playing college ball is, what would it be and why? 

    I would tell an inspiring HS player that the hardest part of playing college ball is the playbook because the playbook separates you. If you’re really athletic and you don’t know the plays you won’t see the field.


    If you had to give any pointers, what would they be?

    Pointers I would give would be to take care of your body and carry yourself like a professional everywhere you go because you never know who’s watching. 


    It was a pleasure to have Vaughn Taylor on for an interview and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented young man.

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