Alex Singleton: The Case for IDP Top 15 LB 2021

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Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Alex Singleton is not getting the respect he deserves in the 2021 IDP Rankings. However, with new Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon again back with the man he signed from the Seahawks in 2015, Singleton is primed for an even bigger role.

Coach and Player History

Current Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon was the Minnesota Vikings linebacker coach in 2016 and 2017. In those Gannon years as the Vikings LB coach, he signed Alex Singleton from the Seattle Seahawks, who had originally signed him as a UFA in 2015.

But instead of staying in the NFL, Singleton would try a different path.

Calgary Stampeders CFL 2016-2018

In 2016, Alex Singleton was drafted by the Calgary Stampeders with the sixth overall pick in the 2016 CFL Draft, where he became a superstar for 3 years racking up over 300 tackles.

Singleton received accolades such as nominee for the CFL's most outstanding defensive player and most outstanding player awards.

In his 2017 season with the Calgary Stampeders, he recorded a historic 121 tackles before week 20 for the franchise. He then went on to beat that record in 2018 with 123 tackles.

Look at these 'Big Play' stats during those 3 years with the Stampeders - 4 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 2 fumbles recovered, 1 interception, and  9 passes defended, and you have what I call a show-stopper LB in the CFL.

Keeping in mind he did not start in any of the 18 games in the 2016 season.

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Philadelphia Eagles 2019-Present

Singleton returned to the NFL in 2019 with the Philadelphia Eagles. In week 4 of 2020, he got a chance to play with T.J Edwards succumbing to an injury. Singleton abruptly took an interception and returned it for a TD against the 49ers.

From week 10 onwards Singleton was back to his CFL historic days, racking up 88 tackles, 2 sacks, and a fumble recovery.

Compare the Pair. Blake Martinez Vs Alex Singleton

Singleton is currently sitting outside the top 30 to 40 Linebackers when being drafted in IDP, which is outrageous when comparing him to a tier 1 Linebacker like Blake Martinez.

Martinez in 2020 averaged 5.4 solo tackles and 4.1 assisted, compared to Singleton's 4.7 solo and 2.8 assisted. Martinez started in all 16 games and Singleton only started in 11. But if we compare from week 10 onwards, Martinez had 60 tackles compared to Singleton's 88. Who is more efficient?

For a guy being drafted outside of the top 40 LBs who offers so much upside as an LB1, why is he being slept on in 2021?

Coach and Player Reconnect

Singleton didn’t surprise me, leading the team with 125 total tackles in 2020. The writing was on the wall looking back over his career with the Stampeders.

Is this the reason why the new defensive coordinator of the Eagles in 2021 is Jonathan Gannon? I don't believe in coincidences and there is a reason as to why Gannon and Singleton have been reunited.

The Eagles see what Gannon saw all the way back in 2015, which is an efficient, big playmaker and a disruptive linebacker who brings the boom in defense.

Furthermore, the Eagles and Gannon decided the only additions to the linebacker corps they’d add in 2021 is Eric Wilson. They didn’t select any through the draft.

This partnership will flourish in 2021, a year which is a contract year for Singleton. He is a must-add in IDP Leagues and/or a buy-low candidate.

Get yourself an LB1 before others managers start to see the potential that both the Eagles and Gannon do.

Cahn Cotter

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