All Dynasty Fantasy Football Scoring Should Be Best Ball Format

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Fantasy Football Strategy

Annnnnnd I’m here to tell you why you’re all WRONG!!!


What is Best-Ball Scoring?

If you haven’t heard of best ball leagues or best ball scoring, it is a simple concept. The optimal lineups are set for you after games have been completed. Inserted into your starting lineup requirements will be the best scoring players who meet those requirements. Fantasy Pros gives a nice in-depth breakdown here.

Why Listen to Me?

I know best ball leagues are not for everyone. The “skill” and “strategy” behind setting lineups is a huge part of fantasy football, I understand. However, dynasty leagues are meant to showcase a different set of fantasy owners’ skills than just correct start/sits every week. 

Dynasty teams are usually comprised of a particular owner’s “guys”. Players who owners believe are good and know will eventually flash. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life (approximately 3-5 year dynasty window). So why on Earth when those players hit would you not want credit for it? The launch point for many rookie or sleeper RBs, WRs, and TEs (sure, QBs too!) is unpredictable more often than not. Even studs with high NFL draft capital can have a delayed fuse (looking at you, DeVante Parker).


Best ball scoring is designed to feature what is the consensus overwhelmingly the best aspect of fantasy football, the draft. Think about how many of you continue to join dynasty start-ups over and over and over, for what reason? Undoubtedly that reason is…THE DRAFT. Keep chasing that dragon.

Are You There Yet?

So why not sit back, relax, and let “your guys” do the work like you knew they would once the draft has finished? Now, I’m not necessarily talking about normal 8-12 team leagues starting a standard set of players. I’m talking about large rosters, large starting lineups, 12+ teams, IDP’s, etc, etc, etc. These are the types of leagues that you put SO MUCH work into the research, startup drafts, hours of negotiations then wheeling and dealing trades, hoarding draft picks, and rookie drafts. It’s an obsession, I get it. I’m right there with you. 

But what I HATE is racking my brain every Sunday morning, tinkering with my lineup(s), only to have that stashed RB or WR finally get his chance…breaking out…whilst…Sitting. On. My. Bench. It’s the worst feeling in fantasy football – “Oh you won’t believe it, I lost my chance at making the playoffs because I had so-and-so on the bench!” Want to never have to say that or feel that despair again?


Please understand what I am not advocating. I am not suggesting that your dynasty leagues be converted to best ball draft-it-and-forget-it leagues. That would be wildly asinine. Trading and free agent pickups are vital to a fun dynasty league. I’m solely talking about starting lineups and weekly scoring adopting the best ball settings.

I already have a ton of seasonal, redraft home leagues to make start/sit decisions. Why should dynasty league(s), to which I’ve dedicated a ZILLION brain cells from the day after the Super Bowl until Week 1 kickoff, be subjected to extra torture? 

They shouldn’t.

*DISCLAIMER: This article is primarily aimed at fellow degenerates who are in far too many fantasy football leagues. It is mostly an attempt to convince others to make fantasy football life just a tad bit easier and my personal fantasy football experience more enjoyable. Do not take super seriously. Or do! Tweet me with your opinions, pros/cons of my argument. Have I changed your mind?


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After being introduced to fantasy football in 1999 as a wee lad still in middle school, I was hooked. I then began commishing my own keeper league 2 years later as a sophomore in high school, which has been running since. I used a computer program that required me to manually input weekly stats and had to print out summary packets each week to deliver to league owners at the bowling alley. I loved it. Stats and numbers and the competitiveness of being "right" about players was just an incredible high that not many other activities or hobbies have ever provided me. Around 2005 we migrated to the CBS sports site. I found a new love then, writing about our league. Each year after the draft I would "grade" each owner's team. It became almost as anticipated as the draft itself. Also, most weeks I'd recap the league's games and criticize start/sits while boasting my own accolades as long as I won that week. Dynasty, IDP & Superflex are the next evolutions in my fantasy football journey. I'm a Philly suburbs guy, GO BIRDS. Follow me on Twitter @dynastysanta

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