Buy, Sell, or Keep: Dynasty Fantasy Football

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In dynasty leagues, the offseason is always key in coming back stronger. Who are some buy, sell, and keep players that can make an impact?

With the off-season for dynasty fantasy football underway, there is no better time to find out about those key players. The key players that can catapult your team to a championship or a key player that can be traded for a MASSIVE haul. Let's break it down.

Dynasty Buys

These are players who have not fully taken off yet but have gotten their feet wet. These players are must-buys before the hype gets too big and they won't be as easy to attain in the future.

1. DeVonta Smith

A Heisman Trophy winner at Alabama, Smith has the ability to do what his former teammate Jaylen Waddle did for the Miami Dolphins.

The Eagles' offense is set up around Jalen Hurts and his legs, but it should be centered around Hurts and Smith. It isn't every day you see a receiver win the most prestigious award in college football.

Smith showed flashes of being a true WR1 this NFL season. As Hurts continues to develop as a passer, the time to trade for Smith is NOW. Don't try to trade for him once he takes his sophomore leap because the train will have taken off by then.

Smith is a receiver who can take the top off defenses and make moves with his route running. Once the Eagles learn how to fully utilize him, he will be a WR1 in dynasty fantasy football.

2. Darnell Mooney

Darnell Mooney, to the MOON we go. With Robinson being the biggest disappointment in the 2021 fantasy season, the Bears found a gem. Mooney established a GREAT connection with the franchise quarterback, Justin Fields. Though he is not a WR1, Mooney can be a great addition to dynasty teams.

From Weeks 11 to 18, Mooney was the WR13. He ended the season with 29 targets in a two-week span! The hype is there. Mooney is only 24 years old, so he's only just getting started.

If a league manager can ship off a veteran receiver or picks for Mooney, it is not a bad idea. To the Justin Field shareholders, get some Mooney shares because the connection is there and it will transfer to next season.

Dynasty Sells

These players have either reached their ceiling or they just have not performed up to some manager's standards. It is time to set the ship up to sail away.

1. Ceedee Lamb

The more I CEE, the more I DEEcide to move on. Ceedee Lamb is an extremely talented player on one of the highest-powered offenses in the NFL. With that said, the time to sell him is now. Lamb had an underwhelming finish in 2021, finishing seven spots under his ADP. Needless to say, fans are concerned.

Lamb is still a WR1 in dynasty fantasy football and that is why he should be sold. Once again, being in the Cowboy's offense helps a lot.

Also, with the "down" year, Lamb still improved from his rookie season. He went from 111 targets to 120, 74 receptions to 79, and 935 receiving yards to 1,102.

2. Jonathan Taylor

First of all, Jonathan Taylor just had one of the best seasons a running back could have. After the first three weeks, people were scared. JT was RB28 after Week 3. Since then, Taylor went on a historic run.

Taylor finished with 20 total touchdowns and will most likely be the NFL MVP. So, why trade him? Running backs have the shortest life span in the NFL.

Taking hits on almost every play, trading JT might be the smartest move someone can make. He can get a league manager a low-end RB1, a young receiver with upside, and numerous picks.

As we see every single season, running backs come and go super quick. JT will be around for a while. While the ceiling on the roof is coming off, maximizing the most for the future of someone's dynasty team, it is best to part ways.


Dynasty Keeps

With these players, they are must buy's as certain improvements and the tremendous upside is on the horizon for the 2022-2023 season.

1. D.J. Moore

D.J. Moore is one of the more consistent receivers in the NFL and has had mediocre quarterback play dating back to his rookie season. Three is the number. Three straight seasons of over 1,150 receiving yards and over 115 targets. This past season, Moore saw the sixth-most targets and was tied fifth for the highest target share percentage. 

After the first month of the season, D.J. Moore was WR4 and that was with Sam Darnold as his quarterback. With Carolina looking to improve the quarterback position once again, Moore is a prime hold candidate with WR1 upside.

2. Diontae Johnson

Diontae Johnson and D.J. Moore are very similar players. Both are WR1 and continue to prove people wrong, even with poor quarterback play.

This season, Johnson had an ADP of WR21 in the offseason. He finished as WR8 with Big Ben who couldn't even throw a ball 25 yards down the field anymore. After leading the league last season in drops, Diontae STEPPED UP.

Diontae saw over 160 targets with 107 receptions and over 1100 yards. Accomplishing that with Big Roethlisberger under center means anyone else will be an improvement. Dwayne Haskins and Mason Rudolph might not achieve the accomplishments Big Ben achieved, but they can throw the ball better than Roethlisberger can now.

With that being said, Johnson is a prime hold candidate in dynasty fantasy football. The volume Is key in fantasy and he is one receiver who has shown consistent numbers the past two seasons.

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