• Carl Lawson To Receive MRI On His Achilles

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    Carl Lawson, a many IDP fans breakout candidate, goes down at practice with a lower leg injury.

    Carl Lawson was being pegged as a breakout edge candidate by many IDP analysts. He had always produced, even while playing a rotational role with the Bengals. While playing on only 43.25% of the Bengals defensive snaps over the past four years, he still accumulated 20 sacks and 83 QB hits. Since 2006, as my man @PFF_Macri stated here, Lawson had the second-best rookie pass rush win rate since 2006, only behind Joey Bosa:

    Add this to the fact that Lawson seemed poised for an every-down role in Coach Robert Saleh's system, and a breakout seemed like a no-brainer. Per @MikeGarafolo and @RapSheet, Lawson felt a pop in the area of his Achilles:

    Lawson will receive an MRI to confirm if his Achilles is torn or not. If it is, Lawson will be done for the season and we will have to wait another year for a Carl Lawson breakout. John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff are the likely candidates for a usage bump, so keep an eye on this information. As soon as the MRI information is confirmed I will update this article and let you guys know ASAP.


    As promised, we have an update on Carl Lawson's injury. Our worst fears were confirmed as he ahs in fact torn his Achilles tendon. I heard it straight from the horse's mouth, NFL.com :

    Plan accordingly for football without Lawson for 2021, and let's hope that he can get back to full health for 2022.

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