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  • Cats of Fantasy Twitter – The Final Boss!

    Let's meet the stars of the final article in the Cats of Fantasy Twitter series — Snoot, Salvador, Dahlia, Olive, Henneson, and Cleopatra!

    The Cats

    With six total cats, Derek (@DynastyDentist) holds the claim to fame of owning the most cats in our cat league. No memes this time. I need the picture space to get all these little guys in! For the first time in this series, Derek submitted his own words that I'm going to share here directly, he can tell us about his little critters better than I ever could.

    Let's have him start us off here and we'll see if anything sticks out that we can follow up on for our cat psychology or physiology segment. Derek focuses on Salvador and Dahlia, pictured below, but has a crazy household filled with six of these little demons.

    Salvador and Dalia as kittens

    "Salvador and Dahlia came into our lives just before Halloween, 2019. My wife and I had been discussing getting two boys to go with our two current females (one each from when we were both single). Full of hope and excitement about meeting our two future sons, we headed to the SPCA.

    Like so often in life, things quickly went astray as we were not able to find two brothers that we bonded with. Instead, two energetic little fluffballs struck our eye as we searched, and we decided to take a quick break for some fun pets. We encountered a brother and sister, the sister trotted up to my arms, and the brother, to my wife’s.

    As has been the trend throughout their lives, they instantly started purring. Those cats chose us at that moment, and we have never looked back. A few years back, we got a DNA test on the brother (Basepaws has deals during Mother's and Father's day). They are a true mix, but mainly Ragdoll/Maine Coon. We own six cats, and my wife and I often say that these two are the most beautiful, regal long hairs that have come to be the anchors of our home." (@DynastyDentist)

    Salvador and Dalia as newborns

    "The two siblings could not be further apart in personality. This is never more apparent than when they need to visit the vet. Dahlia prances and struts about (our vet jokes that she invented the catwalk), and indeed her hips sway with such force you wonder how she moves straight.

    Salvador spends his time at the vet glued to the wall, trying to be as small as possible and not be noticed. Where Dahlia is eternally brave, Salvador hides whenever anyone comes to the door (his favorite spot is under the bed). Salvador has always loved meeting our new additions or various foster kittens and is the most loved cat in the house amongst the felines.

    Dahlia is very aloof but always lets you know when she wants affection. She gets along with her two younger sisters and is often running through the house after them. Salvador doesn’t play much but has a favorite toy ball which we refer to as “his wife”.

    Salvador’s day will often start trying to sort out where he left her the night before, he will wander around looking for this small yellow ball and meow if it's somewhere he is unable to reach (we are sure he puts it in those places on purpose, “the wife garage”).

    Dahlia showed how much she cared for her brother when he had to spend three nights at the vet with a Bartonella infection. Typically, an ice queen, Dahlia moped around the house until he returned, but in typical fashion, just gave him a little flick of her tail in acknowledgment." (@DynastyDentist)

    That was a beautiful description of the two most noteworthy of the many critters running around Derek's house. I think we've just about exhausted our topics for cat psychology and physiology, so I'll just give you all some more pictures of the cats, and we'll get into the football.

    This is the tenth and final article in this series. Thank you, everyone, that read these. To all who participated, I am truly grateful. My hair-brained idea has been executed, and our cats are now eternally famous on the internet. Derek is a great cat dad, and his collection of little monsters welcomes him to cat society. We wish him luck in this year's cat league.

    The Draft

    Embed from Getty Images

    Derek managed to get the 1.01 of Superflex quarterbacks


    With Josh Allen (QB) and Derek Carr (QB), Derek managed to grab an excellent tandem for his Superflex quarterbacks and is looking good there. At running back, he got Dalvin Cook (RB), Travis Etienne (RB), Alvin Kamara (RB), James Conner (RB), and Leonard Fournette (RB) for easily the best running back stable in the league, hands down.

    He has the best depth and talent at this position, heads, and tails above everyone else. For wide receivers, he got Alan Lazard (WR), DeAndre Hopkins (WR), Brandin Cooks (WR), Amari Cooper (WR), and Jahan Dotson (WR) for another excellent group of players.

    With Hopkins coming off suspension right around the time bye weeks start, combined with the natural injury rate of modern fantasy leagues, this reinforcement could be a game-changer for him. His options at tight end were Dallas Goedert (TE) and Albert Okwuegbunam (TE), which are both stellar as well. He really leaned into his offensive knowledge and probably has the best offense in the league.

    Embed from Getty Images

    Justin Simmons, the model of consistency and reliability, anchors this defense


    Despite claiming not to be an IDP expert, this defense looks pretty solid! For his defensive tackle premium options, he ended up with Christian Barmore (DT) and Javon Hargrave (DT) for a nice mix of a sleeper with a huge year written all over him and a veteran coming off a career season last year.

    At defensive end, Derek landed some great value with DeMarcus Lawrence (DE), Matt Judon (DE), Greg Rousseau (DE), and Marcus Davenport (DE). That's another great mix of solid veterans and young talent with breakout season potential.

    For linebacker, the position Derek mentioned may be weak in his mind. He acquired Demario Davis (LB) and Devine Deablo (LB) for a locked and loaded three-down veteran and an up-and-coming Raiders option that looks to have stepped into a three-down role as well.

    He was also able to get Kyzir White (LB), who looks to have secured a starting job and Kamu Grugier Hill (LB) who may have one as well, the Texans linebacker situation is a bit messy but with injury rates what they are these days odds are good he'll get some value there as well at some point this season.

    For safety, Derek took Justin Simmons (S), Logan Ryan (S) and Vonn Bell (S) which is a completely solid group, Simmons hasn't missed a snap since the Carter administration and the other two are veteran producers locked into solid roles as well.

    For corner, Derek got Marcus Peters (CB) and Anthony Brown (CB) which are two of my favorite options this season and took a bit of a dart throw with DJ Reed (CB) who could end up seeing a ton of time on the field if he holds down that starting job on the Jets. This looks to be a well-rounded IDP defense with many good pieces.


    Derek used his vast experience with offensive fantasy leagues to crush that side of his draft and despite having some reservations about his IDP defense I for one believe it came out very nice indeed. He has a great mix of depth at positions like running back where the scarcity is ridiculous and with Josh Allen (QB) leading the way the sky is the limit.

    This team looks to be very competitive and has the staying power at those hard to find positions to last the season.

    Thank you for reading this entry in the Cats of Fantasy Twitter article series! A special thank you to @DynastyDentist for joining me on this insane journey. Make sure you go check out his work and we wish him luck in this years cat league.

    This has been the final installment in this series. I'm sure I'll come up with something equally insane next offseason, but for now, we're back to the regular season and my weekly cornerback content and podcasts. Good luck this year to all!

    Johny The Greek

    Non-delusional Cowboys Fan. Been playing Fantasy since 2003, IDP since 2004 and watching football for 35 years. Being a firm believer in "you should know if the person you're taking advice from actually knows or wins anything" I'd like to present exhibit A: I have a diamond rating in Yahoo (976) with 29 plus titles in redraft/dynasty across Yahoo, Sleeper, Fantrax and MFL and an additional 57 plus 2nd/3rd place in redraft/dynasty, same platforms. I also play in and have won several all-IDP leagues. I started playing FanDuel with a free entry and have won almost a grand since. I've also won many leagues on the draft app (RIP Draft App, we miss you) and play the maximum number of free college fantasy leagues on Yahoo every year as well with 3 titles and 9 trophies in just two years of playing before Yahoo discontinued those leagues. My profile includes multiple titles in survivor and pick em leagues as well. I was a finalist in the 2021/22 IDP Guys Invitational and the best ball tournament. Also a MFL & Sleeper best ball & eliminator degenerate with many titles there as well. I just started playing All-22 this season and I would bet the mortgage I'll be good at that too. (Update, I did fine, 9-5 first season and made playoffs). What does all that mean? Nothing except when I do something I tend to overdo it. I have been at this for a long time though so I'll help you with your IDP roster and questions however I can whenever I can. I write a weekly streaming IDP corners article (Johny The Greek's Cornerbacks Corner) and whatever I feel like in the offseason. You can find me @OrangeMan3142 on Twitter. Feel free to reach out for any questions or just to talk some football. Check out my articles on Friday mornings all season long. And new this season and going forward stick around for "Johny The Greek's Free Real Estate" where I interview the best and brightest from FF Twitter, and by that I mean the interesting people who actually help you win and not the useless engagement farmers. I am not an "analyst" I'm just a crazy person/degenerate who has been doing this a long time, has been pretty good at it and is dialed in because I have to be to not sound like an idiot writing all these articles and doing all these shows. My style is straightforward & conversational, IDP isn't complicated and you're not trying to win an argument on Twitter you're trying to win your league. Come join me weekly in season for Johny the Greek's Cornerbacks Corner, where we look at the fine art that is streaming corners or finding ways to maximize your production from your CB slots each week. Also in season check out the IDP Pros Podcast on SGPN network. I hope you enjoyed the article. Let us praise our Messiah Babu Frik and give worship to Baby Yoda. Jimmy G would make a fine husband. Thanks for reading. -Johny the Greek-
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