• Change of Scenery: Ronnie Harrison Traded To Cleveland

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    What’s the impact of the trade of Ronnie Harrison from Jacksonville to Cleveland? A look at how this change of scenery could impact your fantasy teams.

    What an off-season it has been in the NFL! So many big trades and free agents signing with new teams. Injuries have reared their ugly head and have struck some big names. But when one door closes, another one opens. When someone falls, someone else will rise. Let’s take a look at the latest change of scenery trade.

    News broke September 3rd that the Cleveland Browns traded for strong safety, Ronnie Harrison, from the Jacksonville Jaguars. In return for Harrison, the Browns gave the Jaguars a 2021 5th round pick. The Browns got a steal for a player who will be an impact starter for them this season. They can keep Harrison for two more years on a cheap rookie deal. A great business decision for the Browns.

    Harrison gives Cleveland a much-needed playmaker on the back end of their defense, however, the Jaguars are cleaning house and selling off any players of value in their rebuild. 

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    Career Summary

    To begin his career Harrison was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 3rd round, 93rd selection overall of the 2018 NFL Draft. Harrison has spent two seasons in Jacksonville where he played in 28 games, making 22 starts. He recorded 103 tackles, 68 solos, five tackles for a loss, four QB hits, three sacks, one fumble recovery, three interceptions, and 12 pass breakups - setting career highs across the board in all categories, last season.

    Harrison finished second on the team in tackles, solos, and interceptions. He's really only scratching the surface of how good he can be.


    Change of Scenery

    What does the trade mean for Harrison's next chapter in the NFL? Harrison was a playmaker in college for Alabama and that has translated well to the pros. Harrison will give the Browns an athletic player who has experience as a starter and one that they won’t have to coach up like the rest of their depth at the position. They have 2nd-year player, Sheldrick Redwine, who they want to develop and played well down the stretch last year, but he doesn’t have the talent of Harrison. The Browns have said Harrison may not play week one, but that’s due to the short time they’ve had to get him ready and acclimated in their system. I still think he will play week one, but by week two he will be starting for Cleveland.

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    Fantasy Outlook

    How will this benefit fantasy owners? I have been high on Harrison since he entered the league, so the change of scenery doesn’t change my opinion. Harrison's intrigue lies in how Cleveland will use him on the field, however, I  do like his potential fit in Cleveland. I would put him in the safety tier 2, somewhere in the 20-25 range overall at the position. As your number two safety, I believe he gives you great value, with high upside. You can snag him on the cheap in trades, even as a throw-in at times. As for his pick value, I would feel comfortable giving up a fourth-round pick for him, but nothing earlier.


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