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    The Rams strike up a deal with the Broncos to acquire OLB Von Miller. How will this change of scenery impact fantasy managers?

    The usually anti-climactic NFL trade deadline has passed, and the Los Angeles Rams decided to go all-in and make a trade with the Denver Broncos for outside linebacker Von Miller.

    Details of the deal have the Los Angeles Rams sending their second and third-round picks in 2022 to the Broncos in return for Miller. It’s clear that the Rams have pushed all their chips to the middle of the table, for a championship run. Let’s take a closer look at what this change of scenery means for both Miller and the Rams.

    The Los Angles Rams Side

    The Rams traded for quarterback Matthew Stafford this past offseason in what was a no-brainer of a move for them. After a red hot 7-1 start to the season, they made one final push for a championship run by trading for Von Miller. With stars such as cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive tackle Aaron Donald already in place, Miller gives them that true pass-rushing presence coming off the edge. They also have OLB Leonard Floyd has been a solid piece for them.

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    Now they add Miller who is one of the best pass rushers in the league’s history to be the bookend to Floyd, with Donald sandwiched in the middle and you have one of the best sack trios in the league. With Miller in place, the Rams could potentially have three top ten pass rushers this season. What was already a formidable defense nows gets even tougher to attack with Miller coming aboard. With all the talent the Rams have, Miller could just be the final piece of the puzzle.

    Miller’s time may have officially run out in Denver, but make no mistake he still has a lot left in the tank and is hungry for another ring. With the Rams, he can just be a guy instead of having to be that guy. You’ve heard the saying work smarter, not harder? Well, no one works harder or is smarter than Miller. Now let’s look at what this change of scenery all means for Miller.

    Von Miller Side

    Miller is one of the league’s best pass rushers in its history. In eleven seasons played, all with the Denver Broncos, Miller has played 142 career games and amassed 110½  career sacks. He has been pretty durable throughout his career having played in fifteen or more games in eight of his first ten seasons and is on track to accomplish that again this season.

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    Miller has seven seasons of ten or more sacks and is on pace this season for number eight. He has three seasons ranked in the top five and six seasons ranked in the top ten, with a career-high of 18½, and is the active leader on the career sack list. Miller ranks 36th unofficially and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

    Miller is a highly decorated pass rusher, with eight Pro Bowls, three All-Pros, 2011 Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, with a Super Bowl MVP award and Super Bowl championship in the 2015 season. At age 32, Miller may not be quite what he once was, but he’s far from done and he’ll be out to prove that with the Rams.

    Fantasy Outlook

    So what does all this mean for us fantasy managers? Well when a lot of us were considering selling our shares of him, I think now you pump the brakes and hold momentarily. First, if you don’t have better options or a really good offer in hand you’re not moving those shares at this time. If you do have a good offer I would hold and see if this change of scenery reignites a fire in him and his production increases. 

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    If it does then you’re in a win-win situation!. One you can keep him and enjoy the returned high-end production, or two you can capitalize even more on the return you can get for him in a trade. Short-term he’s a hold if you’re playing redraft or in win-now mode, but long-term he’s a sell. In fantasy football, it’s all about maximizing your profits and it’s different for every fantasy manager. If you need help deciding, hit me up as I’m always available to help you get the most from your fantasy teams.


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