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    Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Texan Inside Linebacker Christian Harris.

    Inside Linebacker IDP Christian Harris

    There’s been a lot of interest and speculation in Houston. At least after, IDP favorite Inside linebacker Kamu Grugier Hill was recently released. With the reported rumor he found out the second half of the 2022 season would be spent as a depth piece. And all in order for Houston to reportedly give their rookie 3rd rounder, Christian Harris, drafted out of Alabama, more snaps to develop. And in the end, after watching Harris as a first-time starter in week 8. It’s looking like a productive by default switch, made sideways.

    You see, before this move by the Texans, Grugier Hill may not have been the ace they were looking for. But Christian Harris was certainly not the automatic answer either. And neither were any of the other defensive rookies the Texans started in this game. So big surprise. The Titan’s Derrick Henery and company ran all over Houston in week 8. While Harris and his cohorts were clearly the reason they were very well capable of doing so.

    Not to mention, his rookie profile reports prior to the season, which we’ll add more to in a minute. On top of Harris’s very poor 2022 PFF grade, prior to this contest. And also adding in all those lackluster reports by the local beat writers. No. We’re not cutting the Texans, or Harris any slack, and making the hot take now. And at best, that’s exactly what this is for the rest of the season for IDP managers.

    Because if the team keeps going to Harris next to Christian Kirksey. He’ll be a risky hot-take hit or miss, productive by default player. And just like we saw, and see right now with Seattle’s Cody Barton. It’s more of an experiment that doesn’t look like it can work out long-term. But as long as they remain stubborn about starting Harris. It will mean some solid production in most cases for the rest of this season.

    Tipster Disclaimer

    We just don’t ever expect Harris can match the higher-end consistency. And of course, barring any major injuries to Kirksey. At least at the level, we’ve seen from guys like Grugier-Hill in the past. Who we’ll mention, always graded out poorly overall too. But right now, it was way better than Harris at this point.

    Dynasty Profile

    Turning to his dynasty value. Let’s start with a rookie profile quote from NFL.com. And one of their unnamed Personnel directors for the NFC. It’s short and sweet.

    “He’s less instinctive and less physical than I’m used to seeing from an Alabama linebacker”

    Which has been on full display so far, because when watching the film. Harris takes bad angles, missed several tackles, and showed up late. And basically looked way out of place in coverage as he did in college. So unless the rookie profiling pros are wrong, and Christian Harris is some form of a really late bloomer. We’re not certain he’ll even be a part of the conversation long-term in Houston.

    Especially after all the recent odd moves head coach Lovie Smith made. Because who knows what the organization does in the end, or where Harris lands. And that’s even if they decide to stick with Smith going forward. So the final deep dynasty call? Christian Harris could be productive. But investing in an NFL default IDP play this early in his career. Especially in this scenario, has to be as a later deep dive IDP value investment, until further notice.

    Thank you for checking out the Texan Inside Linebacker Christian Harris IDP profile. And If you’re interested, catch more of my Tipster fantasy football and NFL IDP content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at IDPGuys.org. Let’s chat! I’ll always find time to talk defensive player football anytime.


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