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Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Seattle's Linebacker Cody Barton.

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Inside Linebacker Cody Barton

Entering the 2021 season, Seattle's four-year journeyman linebacker — Cody Barton — was more of a starter by default rather than by preference. Why? Former All-Pro and Future Hall of Famer Bobby Wagner moved on to play for their division rival Los Angeles Rams.

Wagner ended up starting next to Jordyn Brooks, who vacated his old position to Barton and replaced Wagner on this lackluster Seahawks' defense.

Barton has come in solid in the IDP box score so far. On the other hand, Cody Barton is struggling on the NFL field for the Seahawks and has been from day one, grading out pretty poorly overall. His poor coverage can't hide this fact. Apparently, he can't shed a block at this level, either.

Barton has dropped from averaging around 96% of the available snaps per the first three contests to around 67% in the last two games against the Saints and Lions. Although he still produced in all those contests, Barton is falling from the projected upper-tier 1 outlook he started off with.

After further review, Jordyn Brooks looks to likely be all-pro and might have made one hell of an outlier impact last year, one that helped blow Barton's hot start out of proportion. When it comes to the recent history before Brooks at the position, it's never been a pure high-end LB1 option.

So it's really made this workout more of a production-by-default opportunity rather than a clear shot, top-tier IDP option at linebacker for the rest of this season. As far as adding to Cody Barton's Dynasty profile, it might seem cut and dry from afar. Who knows what Pete Carrol — or the organization — will do next about addressing and repairing what once was a top-three NFL defense unit.

Dynasty Profile

Unless there is this massive corner that Barton hasn't turned yet, the Seahawks may or may not start him again next season. Instead, they may focus on all the other issues the team has. Barton is just an average NFL linebacker.

Depending on Seattle not addressing the position, Cody Barton's dynasty profile with the Seahawks likely has a 2022 dynasty shelf. At best, after his current contract runs out.

So don't chase any 2021 points next off-season because Barton's film isn't backing up the numbers right now. Our take is he'll keep his starting gig next offseason, maybe another production by default year as a bonus. Don't overvalue him like we usually would, at least when like we would any other higher-profiled production dynasty target.

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