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    Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Jaquar's safety Devin Lloyd.

    Inside Linebacker, Devin Lloyd

    After a red-hot start to the 2022 season, Jacksonville's rookie Devin Lloyd has cooled off a lot. And not recording the higher-end production he once was. Going from averaging nine combined tackles on average in the first seven contests. To landing just around 3 these past 3 contests. The real alarm for the rest of this season came when in week 10 he gave way to the Jaguar's other high-profile rookie Chad Muma.

    So now we quote head coach Doug Pederson recently...
    "Both guys have shown us enough they can both play and play in there and play well," Pederson said. "Now in the back third of the season, I think you'll see more of a rotation with those two guys. It's a great opportunity for both of them, and this week in particular because of the unique style of Baltimore's offense. You're going to have to use as many of those linebackers as possible."

    So the hot take for the rest of 2022 is pretty simple. And that's Muma will continue to cut into the IDP production each contest. And it'll be at Devin Lloyd's expense. Relating this hot IDP hit early in the season to a low-end LB2, at best. Of course, that is barring any injury to Muma or the defensive team captain, Foyesade Oluokun.

    Deep Dynast Profile

    Although a touch shakey, the Jaguars are pulling our leg if Devin Lloyd isn't really capable and so be it if it's just under par on film. For a rookie, Lloyd jumped the gun and overachieved at first. At least at producing LB1 numbers for fantasy football purposes. So it makes sense right now at this point in their season to gently slide in Chad Muma and get him ready for the future too.

    The organization invested a lot of stock in this defense this past NFL draft. From DE Travon Walker, LB Muma, and LB Lloyd. The Jaguars have stacked the deck nicely. And are preparing for their NFL's deep dynasty outlook. When older veterans like Rayshawn Jenkins, Foyesade Oluokun, and even maybe Josh Allen exit via contracts.

    Still not convinced Devin Lloyd's hot take deep dynasty profile isn't right? Well if it helps, watching Chad Muma on film, barring some switch we don't know about. Our best deep dynasty ILB IDP target for the Jaguars (Lloyd) will have no problems maintaining his edge on the main starting gig. Because Lloyd might not be on par just yet. But Muma has even farther to go than the Jaguars would like to admit.

    So in the end, Devin Loyd will start next season as their full-time run-stopper. But after 2023. Oluokun may not be with the team with his contract expiring. Which in turn, opens up Lloyd's fantasy window even wider in deeper dynasty leagues.

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