• DFS Minute: NFL Sunday Lineups for Week 11

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    This is your DFS Minute for NFL Week 11. Here are my Draftkings, Fanduel, and Owners Box lineups for the Sunday slate of games.

    May you find this week's lineups to be helpful in putting some cash in your pockets. Last week for our DFS Minute Week 10, we had two big hits with Dak Prescott and D’Ernest Johnson. Dalvin Cook and Mike Evans each scored a touchdown. It was also another solid week in the values and honorable mentions. Hunter Henry, Antonio Gibson, and DeVonta Smith had big days.

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    Joe Burrow: Fanduel -$7,400/Draftkings -$6,600

    The Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a bye. The Bengals and Joe Burrow were embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns in Week 9. Burrow comes at a great value this week and should have no problem carving up the Las Vegas Raiders secondary.  I expect a three-touchdown game from Burrow this week.

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    Running Backs

    D’Andre Swift: Fanduel -$7,500/Draftkings -$7,000
    David Montgomery: Fanduel -$6,800/Draftkings -$5,500

    D’Andre Swift has made numerous appearances in the DFS Minute. Swift is finally coming off a week the Detroit Lions treated him as the running back one that he is. The Lions gave Swift 33 carries last week and he produced 130 yards. It was unfortunate the rushing touchdowns came on long runs by players not named Swift. Swift is worth your play this week. 

    I was impressed to see Montgomery return from his injury at first chance and look good against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was worried the Chicago Bears would give Herbert an equal split with Montgomery at his return, but that was not the case. The Bears are going to want to keep the ball out of Lamar Jackson’s hands this week. Expect Montgomery to get a big workload. If you do not want to pay top dollar for the big-name backs, Montgomery is a solid play this week. 

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    Wide Receivers

    Stefon Diggs: Fanduel -$8,100/Draftkings -$7,900
    Adam Thielen: Fanduel -$7,100/Draftkings -$6,600
    Rashod Bateman: Fanduel -$5,800/Draftkings -$4,500

    We had all been waiting on the Stefon Diggs monster game. It came in Week 10. Diggs had eight catches for 162 yards and one touchdown. I was expecting Cole Beasley to be the recipient of Josh Allen’s passes in Week 10, but it was Diggs. I think this will be the Diggs we see the rest of the season. 

    Many analysts and prognosticators expected Adam Thielen to regress this season. He has not. Thielen had a quiet five catches for 65 yards last week and was out shadowed by a big game from Justin Jefferson. Thielen has put good numbers against the Green Bay Packers throughout his career and I expect him to be the beneficiary of the Vikings targets this week. 

    Rashod Bateman has shown flashes. This play is a combination of value and wanting to have Bateman as a play when he breaks out. Bateman had six catches for 80 yards last week. Most came on their final drive. Expect Lamar Jackson to target him earlier this week against the Chicago Bears. 

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    Tight End and D/ST

    Travis Kelce, TE: Fanduel -$7,300
    Dawson Knox, TE: Draftkings -$4,000
    Vikings, D/ST: Fanduel -$3,400/Draftkings -$2,300

    I tend to stay away from spending the max amount on a tight end, but at this point, Travis Kelce is one of the only near guarantees to play. Kelce had eight catches for 119 yards. Patrick Mahomes knows if they continue to thrive he will need to rely on his veteran tight end.

    On DraftKings, due to budget, I am going with a value play in Dawson Knox. Knox did not make a big splash in his return from the injured list, but I like him this week against the Indianapolis Colts. 

    The Vikings’ defense has quietly been piling up the turnovers and played a great game against the Los Angeles Chargers. This will not be a sexy play but there is potential there to frustrate Aaron Rodgers and the Packers at home. Take the risk with the Vikings this week. 

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    DeVonta Smith: Fanduel, $6,600
    Jaylen Waddle: Draftkings, $5,600

    On Fanduel we are rolling with Devonta Smith at the flex. In Draftkings it will be D’Ernest Johnson. Jaylen Waddle. Devonta Smith has had three touchdowns in the last two weeks. Jalen Hurts and Smith have started to develop quite the connection. I look for that to continue this week.

    I understand the hesitancy to play Jaylen Waddle this week, but with Tua Tagovaiola back I trust him to get Waddle the ball. Waddle’s price will be worth the value alone. 

    Values and Honorable Mentions

    Justin Fields, QB: Fanduel - $6,800/Draftkings - $5,700
    Joe Mixon, RB: Fanduel - $7,600/Draftkings - $7,600
    Hunter Renfrow, WR: Fanduel - $6,100/Draftkings - $5,800
    A.J. Brown, WR: Fanduel - $7,200/Draftkings $7,700
    Brandon Aiyuk: WR, Fanduel - $6,000/Draftkings - $5,000
    Dalton Schultz, TE: Fanduel - $6,000/Draftkings - $4,600

    I would not fault you for adding any of the above-mentioned players to your lineup this week. They all hold incredible value. If I were to try to switch it up at all, AJ Brown is the player I would get in my lineup. 

    The Lineups

    Quarterbacks: Joe Burrow
    Running Backs: D’Andre Swift, David Montgomery
    Wide Receivers: Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Rashod Bateman
    Tight End: Travis Kelce
    D/ST: Minnesota Vikings
    FLEX: Devonta Smith
    Quarterbacks: Joe Burrow
    Running Backs: D’Andre Swift, David Montgomery
    Wide Receivers: Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Rashod Bateman
    Tight End: Dawson Knox
    D/ST: Minnesota Vikings 
    FLEX: Jaylen Waddle

    Quarterbacks: Justin Fields, $5,700
    Running Backs: D’Andre Swift, $6,800; David Montgomery, $6,400
    Wide Receivers: Rashod Bateman, $5,600; Adam Thielen, $6,000
    Tight End: Dawson Knox, $4,500
    FLEX: Elijah Moore, $4,700

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