• Drafting From the 12 Spot Strategy (2022 IDP Fantasy Football)

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    Redraft mock drafts hosted by the IDPGuys are in full swing. Our own Mase drafted from 1.12 and is here to discuss part two of his mock draft.

    Hello again, welcome to part two of “IDPGuys 1.12 Draft Strategy and Thought Process”. This article is the continuation of a live mock draft I participated in a few weeks back on an IDPGuys live stream. All stats are from PFF and I conducted this mock draft on Sleeper.

    The mock had twelve managers drafting in a serpentine format, full PPR, with IDP positions (16 rounds in its entirety), and a 30-second timer. The idea behind the article is to pull back the curtain and reveal the thought process behind each selection. 

    If you are looking to watch the episode of the live draft on our Youtube page CLICK HERE, and be sure to subscribe while you are there! If you are looking for the first article CLICK HERE.


    6.1 1.12 3.12 2.1 4.1 5.12 8.1 7.12

    Here is my roster up to where we left the last article off at draft selection 8.1. I have selected all but one of my offensive positions, so I do have some ground to make up on the defensive side of my roster. As I stated in the first article, I intended to fade the defensive positions in this draft to show that managers can find value in the IDP positions if they do “fade IDP”. The tight end is usually a position that I either invest in early in drafts with players such as Mark Andrews or Travis Kelce. What normally happens is I completely punt with the intention of picking up a player who I project to receive a good amount of targets and opportunities in the red zone. Let’s see what happens and read on as the draft unfolds. 

    The Ninth Round (97 - 108)

    1. D. Lloyd, LB, JAX
    2. M. Thomas, WR, NO
    3. C. Young, DL, WAS
    4. B. Martinez, LB, NYG
    5. A. St. Brown, WR, DET
    6. D. Mooney, WR, CHI
    7. M. Fitzpatrick, DB, PIT
    8. E. Moore, WR, NYJ
    9. C. Mosley, LB, NYJ
    10. D. Knox, TE, BUF
    11. C. Edmonds, RB, MIA
    12. J. Chinn, DB, CAR (My Pick)


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    My Pick: 9.12 - Jeremy Chinn, DB/LB, Carolina Panthers

    At this point seeing Jeremy Chinn on the board makes me feel giddy. I’ve been eyeing him the past few rounds but I wasn’t ready to commit to a defensive back just yet. The dual position eligibility and snaps in the box are what draw me to Chinn. Fifty percent of Jeremy Chinn’s snaps he was aligned in the box in 2021. Chinn was also targeted 44 times in coverage allowing a 65.9% reception percentage and finished 2021 with over 100 combined tackles.

    I can no longer fight the urge, I cave and begin the IDP plunge. This is my second IDP player taken in a row, this is also just the beginning of the value I am about to draft on the defensive side of the ball. I was considering drafting Blake Martinez, and Logan Wilson at 9.12 but now that I have a defensive back who puts up linebacker numbers in the tackling column I don’t feel so bad about missing the starting on the initial push of linebackers however It won’t be long before I select a linebacker.

    The Tenth Round (109 - 120)

    1. L. Wilson, LB, CIN (My Pick)
    2. Z. Ertz, TE, ARI
    3. P. Queen, LB, BAL
    4. D. Campbell, LB, GB
    5. J. Allen, DL, JAX
    6. T. Diggs, DB, DAL
    7. M. Stafford, QB, LAR
    8. C. Holcomb, LB, WAS
    9. J. Smith-Schuster, WR, KC
    10. C. Edwards-Helaire, RB, KC
    11. D. Hopkins, WR, ARI
    12. J. Hurts, QB, PHI


    6.1 1.12 3.12 2.1 4.1 5.12 8.1 9.12 7.12

    Here is my drafted team up to the end of the 9th round. I am looking at my roster and I’m feeling really good about my offense but I do have some ground to make up for on the defensive side of the ball. Looking back, taking a wide receiver to fill my bench position at the 7.12 may not have been the smoothest move. Not to worry I should be able to find some decent IDP players in the coming rounds though I am seeing some of the tight ends come off of the board so I may have to draft one in the next few rounds. 

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    My Pick: 10.1 - Logan Wilson, LB, Cincinnati Bengals

    I did say it wouldn’t be long and, here we are I am ready to commit to my third defensive player and first linebacker. I look and this makes Wilson the fourteenth linebacker off of the board. This marks my third consecutive IDP selection and I couldn’t feel better with the value of this selection as I feel Wilson has the chance to finish the 2022 season as a top-10 linebacker. 

    Wilson played in 13 games in 2021 (707 total snaps) he was targeted 61 times in coverage and finished the year with over 90 combined tackles. In week 13 of the 2021 season, Wilson was carted off of the field due to what appeared to be a shoulder injury. He then returned and played through the injury during the Bengals’ Super Bowl run where they were edged by the Los Angeles Rams in the biggest game of the year.

    Another year with the green dot should only make him more comfortable in the middle of the Cincinnati defense. I love the player, the value, and everything about this selection.

    The Eleventh Round (121 - 132)

    1. B. Okereke, LB, IND
    2. K. Byard, DB, TEN
    3. M. Humphrey, DB, BAL
    4. G. Davis, WR, BUF
    5. T. Lance, QB, SF
    6. D. Long, LB, TEN
    7. A. Winfield, DB, TB
    8. K. Hamilton, DB, BAL
    9. R. Wilson, QB, DEN
    10. T. Hendrickson, DL, CIN
    11. J. Owusu-Koramoah, LB, CLE
    12. C. Kmet, TE, CHI (My Pick)


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    My Pick: 11.12 - Cole Kmet, TE, Chicago Bears

    I have been hoping to draft a later-round tight end with a solid opportunity to receive the bulk of targets on his team. I feel I have faded the tight end position long enough and set my eyes on the ones available. Cole Kmet’s name jumps off of the screen at me. The thing I like about Kmet is his opportunity this season to take a step forward with his young quarterback Justin Fields. Kmet has been a pass-catching tight end dating back to his collegiate days at Notre Dame.

    In 2020 Kmet finished his rookie season sixth in targets on the Bears: in 2021 he jumped up to being second in targets only behind wideout Darnell Mooney. In Cole Kmet’s career, he has a 67.2% reception rate and the Bears front office didn’t do much this offseason to add any weapons to the Chicago offense. Kmet was ninth among tight ends in the NFL in targets in 2021, and I think he could see 95+ targets this season which would land him around the top-6 of all tight ends in 2022. This late in the draft I love that kind of opportunity having such a tight roster.

    The Twelfth Round (133- 144)

    1. M. Sweat, DL, WAS (My Pick)
    2. N. Bolton, LB, KC
    3. J. Bates, DB, CIN
    4. H. Landry, LB, TEN
    5. A. Hutchinson, DL, DET
    6. J. Poyer, DB, BUF
    7. H. Smith, DB, MIN
    8. X. McKinney, DB, NYG
    9. J. Simmons, DL, TEN
    10. P. Surtain, DB, DEN
    11. P. Freiermuth, TE, PIT
    12. J. Simmons, DB, DEN


    6.1 1.12 3.12 2.1 4.1 11.12 5.12 8.1 10.1 9.12 7.12
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    My Pick: 12.1 - Montez Sweat, DL, Washington Commanders

    I am in the last five selections in my draft and at this point, I have filled all of my offensive positions, one player in each of my IDP positions, and my lone bench slot in the form of a wide receiver. It’s all IDP selections from here on out and with my first selection wanted to grab a player whom I personally believe will take a step forward this season Montez Sweat. 

    Was this a reach, perhaps? However, fellow Commander’s defensive end Chase Young was placed on the PUP (physically unable to perform list). I’ve personally been seeing Sweat was taken much higher than usual so I wanted to be sure that I got my guy. Looking back I should have waited and grabbed a linebacker this round but this is why you mock.

    In 2020 Montez Sweat finished as the DL9 via FantasyPros and averaged 9.3 points per game, I hope he can get back to that level of production this season. Other players I could have drafted are Nick Bolton, Rashan Gary, and Kyle Dugger.


    The Thirteenth Round (145 - 156)

    1. T. Edmunds, LB, BUF
    2. D. Jones, LB, ATL
    3. K. Thibodeaux, DL, NYG
    4. D. Buckner, DL, IND
    5. S. Barrett, LB, TB
    6. C. Heyward, DL, PIT
    7. S. Hubbard, DL, CIN
    8. K. Moore, DB, IND
    9. C. Kirk, WR, JAX
    10. S. Gardner, DB, NYJ
    11. K. Dugger, DB, NE
    12. R. Gary, LB/DL, GB (My Pick)


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    My Pick: 13.12 - Rashan Gary, DL/LB, Green Bay Packers

    Thinking of those players from the last round that I was considering and I see one that remains. Rashan Gary finished the 2021 season third in the NFL in pressures only behind Maxx Crosby and Aaron Donald, two of the league’s best at creating havoc in opposing teams’ backfields. Gary was on the field for less than 700 snaps, the eighth highest of any Green Bay defensive player in 2021. To produce that kind of pressure with not as many opportunities as other edge rushers is what made Gary stand out for me and could be one of those late-round league-winning players. 

    After this selection I only have three players left that I can draft so I wanted to draft a player who would maximize their opportunity to make a play on the ball the most at their position. This draft is also a shallow one, meaning there are only 16 roster spots including only one bench spot: Gary’s dual eligibility allows him to be slotted as a linebacker or a defensive lineman giving my roster an added flexibility. Rashan Gary is someone I can use as my DL2/IDP flex and I am hopeful that he will continuously put himself in a position to make points on my roster. 

    The Fourteenth Round (157 - 168)

    1. D. Perryman, LB, LV (My Pick)
    2. M. Judon, LB/DL, NE
    3. K. Mack, LB/DL, LAC
    4. J. Kearse, DB, DAL
    5. H. Renfrow, WR, LV
    6. H. Reddick, LB/DL, PHI
    7. C. Jordan, DL, NO
    8. D. Harris, RB, NE
    9. T. Rapp, DB, LAR
    10. K. White, LB, PHI
    11. L. David, LB, TB
    12. Z. Cunningham, LB, TEN


    6.1 1.12 3.12 2.1 4.1 11.12 5.12 8.1 12.1 10.1 9.12 13.12 7.12


    Every selection I’ve made up to this point is listed above and I can see that I have three players remaining to select. A linebacker, a defensive back, and one IDP flex position. I decided that it would be best to select a linebacker, then a defensive back, and then close out my draft with another linebacker. 

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    My Pick: 14.1 - Denzel Perryman, LB, Las Vegas Raiders

    With my first linebacker, I wanted a player who had a nose for the ball, as well as a hard hitter who has the ability to create turnovers. Denzel Perryman finished 2021 with over 150 combined tackles and was the most targeted player on the Raiders’ defense. 168 of Perryman’s total 863 snaps he was aligned in the slot. Though the slot snaps are different I am not sure if they will continue as it was the first time in Perryman’s seven-year career that he was aligned in the slot over 50 times in a single season; that also could be because last season was his first year with Las Vegas. 

    I adore Denzel Perryman's value in redraft formats, and I am excited about my 14th-round selection as Perryman finished 2021 as LB11 via FantasyPros, and I believe he could very well slide into the top-10 scoring linebackers this season.

    The Fifteenth Round (169- 180)

    1. B. Chubb, LB, DEN
    2. D. Pierce, RB, HOU
    3. J. Ramsey, DB, LAR
    4. T. Walker, DB, DET
    5. N. Dean, LB, PHI
    6. D. Davis, LB, NO
    7. T. Walker, DL, JAX
    8. J. Cook, RB, BUF
    9. A. Rodgers, QB, GB
    10. G. Rousseau, DL, BUF
    11. R. Penny, RB, SEA
    12. B. Jones, DB,  MIA (My Pick)


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    My Pick: 15.12 - Brandon Jones, DB, Miami Dolphins.

    I told myself this season I would roster more defensive backs who spend more of their time in the box and see how that goes for my fantasy team. I want a defensive back who will always be in the mix and generate opportunities to score points. In 2021 Brandon Jones was 26th in box snaps but also 63rd in total snaps among safeties in the NFL. Jones’ snaps at the beginning of the 2021 season were inconsistent, but he finished the year with 17 pressures and five sacks in 2021 while averaging 50.3 snaps per game from week 5 to week 18.

    Eric Rowe and Brandon Jones had around the exact same snap count in 2021 though Jones edged Rowe by a few snaps. Rowe is still in Miami and appears to be behind Jones on the current depth chart, according to Ourlads.com. Dolphins defensive coordinator Josh Boyer is going into his third season, and I expect him to continue to use three safeties as he did last season. In 2020 Rowe was the headlining strong safety with 919 snaps, and Jones in his rookie season did see the field but about a third of what Rowe did. Last season the snaps evened out and I believe that Jones will either see more or around the same amount of snaps per game which I like. 

    Brandon Jones is not the flashiest player in every contest, but he does provide consistent tackling and is used in ways that allow him to intercept the ball and pressure the quarterback in the backfield. Other players I considered in the 15th round are Quincy Williams, Christian Kirksey, and T.J. Edwards.

    The Sixteenth Round (181 - 192)

    1. C. Kirksey, LB, HOU (My Pick)
    2. D. Carr, QB, LV
    3. V. Miller, LB/DL, BUF
    4. J. Thompson, DB, ARI
    5. T. Mathieu, DB, NO
    6. D. Watson, QB, CLE
    7. C. Patterson, RB, ATL
    8. M. Jack, LB, PIT
    9. M.Sanders, RB, PHI
    10. Q. Williams, LB/DB, NYJ
    11. J. Baker, LB, MIA
    12. M. Jones, QB, NE


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    My Pick: 16.1 - Christian Kirksey, LB, Houston Texans

    Kirksey felt like a safe linebacker to take in the final round of this draft as he is going to provide a decent amount of points via tackles this season in Houston. Teams may be running the ball against the Texans late into games, which adds to Kirksey’s opportunities on gameday.

    Kirksey appeared in 13 games in 2021 and finished third on the Texans in tackles, and was targeted 51 times in pass defense. The reason for the missed games in the middle of the 2021 season was a thumb injury. I believe Christian Kirksey will be the featured linebacker on the roster in fantasy leagues in Houston in 2022. Also helps that he is wearing the green dot meaning he will be the player on the defensive side of the ball with one-way coach-to-player communication leading up to 15 seconds left on the play clock.

    I waited on the IDP Flex position until the end of the draft, and honestly, it wasn’t such a bad idea as there was still value even in the final round of the draft. I feel mildly happy with my draft, though there are some places where I zigged where I wish I had zagged.

    Focusing on my team, I feel I over-drafted at wide receiver and defensive line positions. I would possibly cut a defensive lineman post-draft in an attempt to add another safe option at linebacker at the very least. I really took a lot away from this draft and the process of analyzing my draft selections, both the safe and the bonehead ones.

    A thousand thank yous for reading my IDPGuys 1.12 Draft Strategy and Thought Process pt. 2! If you enjoyed it, be sure to read all my work on my IDP Guys author page and follow me on Twitter @Caliking49er17

    Mason Riney

    Proud father, Army veteran, and lover of all that is football. IDP is my main focus, but I also enjoy scouting collegiate players and rank on Fantasypros.
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