Dynasty Fantasy Football IDP Defensive Tackle Buys and Sells (2024)

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The defensive tackle position for IDP dynasty fantasy football is often unheralded unless you play in deeper leagues or on the MFL platform. Welcome if that is you! This article will break down the best dynasty fantasy football defensive tackle buys and sells for the 2024 season and beyond!

Let's be real, the big men in the middle aren't always the most exciting topic for IDP dynasty fantasy football buys and sells. However! Hitting a gold mine on a player like the Baltimore Ravens' Justin Madubuike can be a significant factor toward a deep dynasty league playoff run. Let's investigate the top defensive tackle IDP dynasty fantasy football buys and sells!

IDP Dynasty Defensive Tackle Players to Sell

Much of the advice you are about to read may come off as a bit surprising. My theme is to sell younger, up-and-coming emerging talent and buy older vets. For dynasty fantasy football leagues, this might seem backward.

However, IDP is so volatile that if you can cash in some of these younger DTs who either just popped this past year out of nowhere, or find themselves in new schemes, it makes sense. If you can trade these chips in for let's say, a veteran DT and a 3rd or 4th-round rookie pick that gives you a shot at a lottery ticket offensive player, that is the right move 10 times out of 10.

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Justin Madubuike, Baltimore Ravens

We are starting hot out of the gates! In his fourth year in the league, Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle, Justin Madubuike, broke out in a big way. He was often available for free on waiver wires even a quarter of the way through the season! But the fact that it took him this long to break out, as a defensive tackle drafted in the third round, gives me some concern.

Last year, Madubuike was barely on the radar of even the most degenerate IDP dynasty league players. Now, I am not recommending to trade him just to trade him, or give him away. If you acquired Madubuike off of the waiver wire last year and enjoyed his career highs in playing time (757 snaps - 65%), tackles (56 - 38 solo), and the big whammy, sacks, (13.0 - previous career high was 5.5) and would like to hold onto him, I won't reprimand you.

However, do I think you could flip him for Dexter Lawrence and a late/last-round rookie pick (I don't care what year it's from)? Yes, and you should try.

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Christian Barmore, New England Patriots

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Happy buying and selling!!!

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