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      Luke Ormerod

      Hi, how does the IDP Customer Scoring tab work?

      It’s missing tackle stats. Also when adjusting the scoring, does it change the order of player rankings? When selecting projections, there aren’t any. Also for last year, there are no stats? The page is also not coded for mobile, need to landscape the phone to use.


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      Nathan Cheatham

      Hi Luke,

      Apologize for the late response.

      We’re working on further development with the tool to integrate API’s to get automatic and updating data used in the tool. So there are plans to make it better, but currently data is fed in manually.

      If you are using this tool on a Mobile device landscape is going to preferable, phones are so skinny it is difficult to get all the needed information to fit with it in portrait.

      Also if you are on mobile the stats are condensed so that they do not appear because there is little room to show them. Please use a tablet or desktop to view the stats. I just double checked and the tackle stats are indeed there.

      The function of the tool is that you change the scoring and it will readjust the rankings and move players based on the scoring you input.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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