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      Angie Hatfield

      Hello! I have decades of FF experience, but am new to an IDP-heavy keeper league i inherited. Would super appreciate any advice you have for me…I can play 2-3 CB/S and currently have K Moore and L Collins. Can play 2-3 LB and currently have J Brooks, D Davis, A Walker, TJ watt, K Young. I can play 2-3 DT/DE and have A Donald and J Allen. It’s a 14 team league, but here’s who’s ranked top avail on waivers, (but it’s only based on Week 1, so other suggestions would be welcom too and i can search for them). Available CB/S:A Averett, D Long, W Jackson, J Lewis, V Hargreaves, E Row. available LB:J Hollins, N Vigil, G Pratt, C Holcomb, D Perryman, and available DT/DEL M Pierce, J Hargrave, Bj Hill, R Green. …Are any of these worth picking up and do you see anyone dropable on my roster worth doing it? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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      Johny The Greek

      Angie,please see my “The monster” article Thursday morning and streaming corners article Friday morning that will be a good place to start, if you can get into our slack chat that’s the best way to get super quick feedback on questions like this.Your defense looks awesome currently I would keep who you have over any of those waivers as things stand now, try and get into the slack chat so we can answer these super quick for you! I just saw this now and it’s 4 days old so apologies for that. Good luck this week!

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