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    Gino Cerulli

    Hey guys,

    I just signed up today. I was impressed with some of the IDP advice I received from you guys and thought it would be good to support you with a yearly subscription. I used to be active on DLF and was a podcast / writer contributor for a few years for Dynasty Football Warehouse (R.I.P.). So I have some familiarity with fantasy sites.

    Anyway, Here’s a few suggestions:
    1. I am logged in as a subscriber, but I see nowhere to indicate that. I don’t see a login or logout option anywhere. Maybe I missed it.

    2. Now that I purchased a subscription, it would be nice to longer have the very first thing on the home page being an advertisement to subscribe.

    3. Your forum activity is very low, which tells me that you guys are just getting started. I received a welcome email saying I am not a subscriber. I would suggest you craft a more personal response email welcoming the subscriber to your community.

    4. Additionally, in regards to the forums, you want to manufacture some content. If you don’t have time to write a full article, maybe do a short post about an intriguing IDP guy and see what responses you get. The activity will of course depend upon the size of the community, but populating the forums would help some.

    That’s all I have at the moment. Please don’t take these as criticisms or bashing you guys, I LOVE your content and only took the time to do this because I’d like to see you guys succeed. Quality IDP (particularly Dynasty) information is weak out there right now and the hardcore world of fantasy could benefit a great deal from this site flourishing into all it can be.

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