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      Gino Cerulli

      Since Tackles For Loss has become an official, tracked stat, I’ve been wanting to incorporate it into my scoring, but I’m unsure of how best to do it. Has anyone else made this transition? Maybe you have some feedback on how it went. Here’s our current scoring:

      Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 4 points each
      Forced Fumbles 4 points each
      Interceptions Caught 5 points each
      Passes Defensed 2 points each
      Defensive Tackles 1.5 points each
      Defensive Assists .75 points each
      Sacked a QB 5 points each
      Safeties 2 points each
      Number of Defensive TDs 6 points each

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      Nathan Cheatham

      Tackles for a loss is a Hugely important stat that really does wonders to boost your edge positions. When contemplating your scoring consider how this will affect your sack plays vs your pick plays. I try to maintain a balance.

      Because I like to have tackles at 2 points, I generally give an extra 1 point for the TFL, then 3 points for the actual sack. That makes a sack play 6 total points, equivalent to a touchdown. For this reason I tend to make pick plays worth 6 points as well.

      Hope that helps


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