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  • Four Reasons why Daniel Jones will Remain a Giant

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    Danny Dimes naysayers are overlooking crucial elements of the equation that will result in a contract extension for the starting QB.

    Daniel Jones and the New York Giants have been the pits over the past 3 NFL seasons. Only a handful of teams have produced worse records. (Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars & New York Jets).

    As we enter the thick of 2022 NFL Week 4, recent organizational changes at the GM (Joe Schoen) and Head Coaching (Brian Daboll) positions have produced dividends! The Giants have had some early success, but regardless of the result, the QB storylines have been poor to mediocre:

    NFL Week

    1. NYG 21 TEN 20 "Daniel Jones gets chewed out by Brian Daboll after an interception."
    2. CAR 16 NYG 19 "Daniel Jones isn't the future for this team."
    3. DAL 23 NYG 16 "Cooper Rush is Better Than Daniel Jones."

    Sure some criticism is well deserved, while other comments are a little harsh. Say what you want about Daniel Jones but come 2023 and beyond... he will be the New York Giants' starting QB. Here are four reasons why the Mara Family and Joe Schoen will give him a contract extension.

    Daniel Jones is Gaining Favor

    Although we are only through a few weeks,  Jones is obviously gaining favor with head coach Brian Daboll. He is proving that he has the ability to take direction and improve. Do not just take my word for it. Let's take a look at comments from the head coach over the past few weeks:

    I think he has made really good decisions. There are always plays that we could be better at, but his decision-making process and where he has gone with the football, he has made the right decision I’d say a lot.”

    Daniel has a unique skillset too in terms of his athleticism."

    Jones was under some duress. He escaped. He made some loose plays. He did some things with his feet. He made some good throws. He competed his tail off. He’s really improved every practice, and he was a good leader out there. And he competed as hard as he could compete and gave us a chance.”

    Seven or More Wins in 2022?

    The team already has banked two wins, and the remaining schedule is favorable. What happens if this team wins eight or nine games? It will be hard drafting a NEW franchise QB when you are in the middle of the pack. Now the team has a ton of gaps to fill!

    Work still needs to be done on the offensive line. Also, can this team even point to a number one wide receiver? Given the pieces that are still needed on this team, I can not see the front office exhausting the draft capital required in trading up in the 2023 draft.

    Want to aim towards free agency? Jimmy Garoppolo is interesting. Best of luck taking a flyer on guys like Sam Darnold, Teddy Bridgewater, etc.

    New York Giants Value Leadership and Culture

    The Giants have repeatedly changed up the front office and coaching staff in a desperate effort to improve team leadership and organizational culture.  In recent years, ownership has focused on how the Giants are a first-class organization — an organization that knows what it takes to craft a winning culture in today’s NFL.

    As an organization, they named Daniel Jones team captain. Within this leadership position, what if he goes on to help this team win eight or nine games this year? How will you sell your team the importance of leadership by doing away with a leader that helped you win?

    Perfect Storm

    The New York Giants have way too many positions to solidify before locking in on a franchise QB. From Daniel Jones' perspective, no NFL team is going to lock him in on an extended contract that pays top 10 money. If both parties were smart, they would agree on a two-year deal at another $25-$30 M per year.

    The sale to the NYG fan base is with a rebuild but one that shows improvement year after year. If this team wins 8-9 games this year. How the heck are you going to sell improvement with a new RAW rookie QB?

    Thank you for reading my article on NFL defenses for 2022. You can check out all of my gaming, sports investing, and general NFL HOT takes on my IDP Guys author page. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MarcSaulino and follow @IDPGuys in an effort to stay informed about everything that is NFL-relevantDaniel Jones' naysayers are overlooking crucial NYG organizational elements that will result in a contract extension. .

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