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  • Frankie Luvu – Rest of Season Deep Dynasty Profile

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    Linebacker Frankie Luvu

    It's pretty straightforward when we're talking about linebacker Frankie Luvu for the rest of the season. The Panthers knew this was coming, and did really well at keeping it all pretty quiet. Because via assumptions, and local Carolina beat writer reports. The fantasy football IDP community thought it would be Corey Littleton, or Damien Wilson starting in the middle. And running this Panther's 2022 defense.

    Especially after signing notable veterans earlier in the NFL's free agency period. And as a veteran IDP writer, and defensive analyst. It was all in the contracts, and the timing, which if I would have had any interest in the situation. That would back up the fact that 2018 undrafted linebacker Frankie Luvu was the clear winner. Or at the least, put Luvu directly on this IDP guy's defensive radar.

    So, about those contracts. Frankie Luvu was the Panther's first official linebacker re-signing of the new year. And it was one month later, after signing another special teams-type linebacker. Is when the Panthers signed instant IDP target Damien Wilson, on March 17th. And notably, for a lot less cash and security. If we really consider who was Frankie Luvu before this year. And why would they pay him more than a known and solid, Damien Wilson?

    Then shortly thereafter. The team added Corey Littleton for even less cash than Wilson. Throwing nothing but doubt in who'll start between two bigger names, everyone expected to surface. And mentioning, just how under the radar Luvu was everywhere. That even the Panthers.com writer, Daren Gantt started his Luvu signing article with...

    "The Panthers added some defensive depth on Tuesday, signing linebacker Frankie Luvu",

    Dated, five days after Luvu actually signed, and putting no more of an emphasis, or indication, that Frankie Luvu would enter the season red hot. And really led the team when healthy, and not only with great IDP production. But with a high end on-par PFF grade and some bonus, NFL film highlights to show for it. Locking Luvu in for not only the rest of this season.

    Dynasty Profile

    At just 26 years of age, his dynasty window runs thru his Carolina contract now. And after averaging 8 total tackles a game. A handful of extra type game-changing plays. The Panthers are going to keep using Frankie Luvu next year, and who knows possibly beyond.

    So in the end, will they re-sign Corey Littleton, or keep Damien Wilson? Who is also dealing with some really serious and pending legal demons? And neither Littleton nor Wilson has been the preferred starting MILB so far. So the odds are pretty even right now, that neither will be on this defensive roster in 2023.

    So of course our hot take is easy, depending on next year's NFL draft really. And Frankie Luvu is a dynasty linebacker one option. As long as he's with the Panthers and helps rebuild this team who seems to continuously need it.

    Thank you for checking out linebacker Frankie Luvu and his dynasty IDP profile. And If you're interested, catch more of my Tipster fantasy football and NFL IDP content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at IDPGuys.org. Let’s chat! I’ll always find time to talk defensive player football anytime.

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