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  • Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023 IDP Fantasy Football: It’s All in a Name

    Here are some suggestions for funny fantasy football team names for 2023 for your IDP fantasy football leagues!

    You've done all the research, checked out The IDP Guy's Rankings+ ADP Hub, and read every one of our articles (which, if I may add, are from the minds of the most incredible IDP analysts ever to do it).

    After spending weeks, OK MONTHS marking down all your sleepers and mock-drafting every day and night until drafting an elite team becomes muscle memory. No, let's get to some essential stuff: IT'S TIME TO NAME THAT CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM! What goes better with a clever name than a funny and original team name graphic? 

    It's the perfect way to showcase your favorite draft pick in a way that'll get your league talking! After all, who doesn't like to win in style? I know The IDP Guys do. So join us as we pick the perfect team name graphic to showcase our favorite draft picks this season:


    Budda Baker - The Budda, The Baker, The Football Taker 

    Matt Record (@mrecord21)

    "Budda Baker has proven to be a versatile playmaker with a knack for finding the ball. He is going off fairly cheap because he has kind of underwhelmed in previous seasons with the emergence of Jalen Thompson and Isaiah Simmons sort of moving around. But I don't know if you have seen this, but Isiah Simmons is GONE. "I really like him; I really like him as a target. I think people are kind of sleeping at him, especially at his ADP." Matt believes in Budda Baker this year, so you definitely should, too!

    Myles Garrett- Garretteed Wins

    Bryan "Porg" Hess ( @BryanRHess)

    This year is Myles Garrett's to crush. Last season, injuries took a toll on the Browns' defense early on, causing them to struggle. "Now healthy, and with the key additions to Cleveland's defensive line, can Myles Garrett reach his goal of 24 sacks? It may actually be possible." Garrett lives up to all the hype, and this season may just be his best yet. Expect career highs and Garretteed Wins. Starting this star never looked better.

    T.J. Watt- Watt A Steel

    Steve Tomasin (@dynastysanta)

    During the 2023 IDP Redraft D-Line & Edge Tiers Podcast, Steve sat down with Michael Sicoli to dissect tiers together. Upon arriving at Pittsburgh Steeler's LB T.J. Watt, Steve expressed his concerns over Watt's injury history and his age.

    Without skipping a beat, Michael responded, "I love him; you're not going to force a negative out of me for him. The reason we have him in Tier 1 is because my genuine opinion is none of these guys will bust unless an injury happens. TJ Watt has his running mate back, Alex Highsmith, still there. Watt was better with Highsmith on the field, so that helps." Steve agrees. T.J. Watt is always a steal in drafts. "T.J. Watt is a stud; draft/start with confidence." Need something else to boost your confidence? This team name graphic will definitely have your leagues asking where you found it. 

    Patrick Surtain II - Surtain To Win

    Randy Johnson (@OldMan_FF)

    As outlined in the AFC West IDP Roster Rundown, Randy describes Surtain as a top starter in cornerback-required leagues. "Surtain has been outstanding and produced since he was drafted as the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. His first two years have netted him 118 tackles (91 solo), 3 tackles for a loss, 1 QB hit, 24 passes defended, 6 interceptions, 1 touchdown, and a forced fumble. He will only get better." So, if you have to start a cornerback, it should surely be Surtain if you want to be Surtain to Win. Whew, say that six times fast. 

    Nick Bosa- It's A Bosa Be Some Shanahanigans

    Michael Sicoli (@Michael_Sicoli)

    After an offseason of contract watch, Nick Bosa has finally agreed to a five-year, $170 million contract extension this week. This makes him the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history. Michael Sicoli bought the ADP draft discount on Bosa this offseason. He knew the deal would get done. "He's an IDP asset worth taking the risk on."

    Arguably the best at his position, Bosa continues to dominate at the point of attack, even in double teams. He was last year's sack leader after taking down quarterbacks 19 times in 2022. "Bosa is an IDP that must start every week, so consider yourself lucky and blessed if you have him on your roster."

    To read more about Nick Bosa's holdout, check out What to Know for IDP about Nick Bosa, Chris Jones' holdouts • IDP Guys. Either way, when Bosa signs, he will be the difference-maker for your fantasy team week in and week out. 

    Micah Parsons- ParSons of Anarchy 

    Steven Hungartar (@TheBroNamaths)

    In this week's Start Your Studs article, Steven outlined why he's starting Michah Parsons with total confidence. The Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants, and this should be a good one as rivalries go. "Can the Giants offensive line keep Dallas defenders off their Quarterback? I doubt it because Micah Parsons will lead the assault; in 2022, he had 13.5 sacks, earning a first-team all-pro." The current betting favorite to win DPOY, Parsons, is raising anarchy everywhere he goes, and now you can, too, with your new team name graphic.  

    Jahmyr Gibbs- Baby Back Gibbs

    Brittney Foxworth (@bfoxworth07)

    You know, here at The IDP Guys, we have offense, too! This year, Brittney is all in on 12th overall pick Detroit Lions' rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs. Although Lion's Coach Dan Campbell expects to ease Gibbs into usage, I expect a breakout sooner rather than later. With Jameson Williams suspended for the first six weeks of the season, and Jamaal Williams shipped out, Gibbs can provide the team with that vertical threat they lack. Match strong pass-catching capabilities with workhorse stamina, and we may be looking at this year's OROY. "I want my Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back Gibbs." 

    We hope you enjoy these team name graphics as we enter the 2023 Fantasy Season. These were created with love for the fantasy football community, so please share them with league-mates, friends, coworkers, and whoever else you think could get a kick out of them. Now, it is time to go out there and crush those leagues!

    Make sure you check out all our tools at The IDP Guys and tune in every Sunday to the IDP + POD Start/Sit Youtube Live starting at 11 a.m. over on our YouTube Channel. This week, Michael Sicoli and Cory Moniz (@cory_moniz) will sit down and answer all your pressing start-sit decision questions live right before kickoff. Another reason to subscribe to the YouTube channel: my friend is a CAN'T-MISS!

    Again, good luck to everyone this season, and don't be that person with the same team name for the 8th year in a row. You're better than that. Until next time, check us out on the social machine at @IDPGuys, and you can find me @bfoxworth07. 

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