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    Welcome to Inside Linebacker Germaine Pratt's 2022 IDP recap and deep 2023 dynasty profile.

    2022 Regular Season Recap

    2022 was an important contract year for the Bengal's Germaine Pratt. Drafted by the team in 2019, Pratt has never got the shot to be the main overall full-time guy in the middle. And that's ironic when he always ends up having a ton of snaps there anyways. Because guys like Logan Wilson and company can never stay healthy all season long.

    Not that Pratt always stays healthy either. But this particular "contract year" season, he sure did. At least to the level, which is on average 75% of the time, the Bengals use their second ILB in a game. And in the process might have recorded the best NFL film in his young career.

    We do know this didn't translate to the highest volume of IDP production every week. But in a season with all kinds of weird scenarios and injuries. It was enough to call Pratt a solid play this season. Because he worked well as an LB2 option in every contest. And that always came with an unspoken LB1 ceiling in most IDP formats. Even becoming more trustworthy than his more popular IDP counterpart, Logan Wilson.

    Deep Dynasty Profile

    Breaking down Germaine Pratt's current contract. We might wonder why the Bengals haven't extended Pratt or given him a new contract. But that lies deep within the situation that the organization currently has. Because if you asked them they would have drafted Joe Borrow, Joe Mixon, Higgens, and Chase since 2019. They'd likely laughed at the time and said Germaine Pratts is our guy, and he's not going anywhere.

    Cincinnati has other players like Jessie Bates that are also free agents. And although they are far from broke and could pay these guys like Vonn Bell. It's highly unlike with a very young superstar offense like they've landed via the drafts. And that's just one side of the argument when we consider the whole picture.

    Especially when, as we mentioned, Pratts coming off one of the best NFL seasons of his career. He has tons and tons of starting experience and can run a defensive as it should be. And this hot take friends is that someone will at least try to scoop Pratt up as a young veteran with just more than talent to offer.

    He can step right in and his market value would be reasonable. But yet still likely out of reach unless the Bengals have some sort of trick up their sleeves. And somewhere else Pratt's stock goes way up if he got paid. And in Cincinnati, he remains the LB2 option with the upside and an LB1 ceiling that can happen in any given contest.

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