IDP 2022 Linebackers and their Disney/Pixar Comparisons

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Looking for a unique way to think about defensive players? Let's look at some linebackers and their Disney/Pixar comparisons!

Welcome to what may possibly be the most unique article talking about linebackers to target you will read this year! Anyone can write about which players they like, but can they deliver those linebackers AND Disney/Pixar characters? That is exactly what I'm about to do! Let's have some fun and look at a few linebackers and their Disney/Pixar comparisons.

When it comes to IDP article content, you will find a lot of articles talking about linebackers. This makes a lot of sense as LBs are in a position where they contribute fantasy points in many ways. To put it in another way, linebackers are the Belle of the IDP ball. (See what I did there?)

I'm going to be honest with you. It's June, and we've all read a lot of similar-sounding articles. Why not break the mold and try something new? Perhaps this will give you a way to sneak fantasy football into conversations with your kids! Regardless of how you use this article, we are all here to have some good clean fun. And if this isn't your speed, Hakuna Matata! Let's do this thing!

Linebackers and their Disney/Pixar comparisons

Note: Our rankings referenced below are pulled from here and last year's point totals are pulled from here. The linebackers and Disney/Pixar characters are meant for entertainment purposes only! 

Denzel Perryman, ILB, Las Vegas Raiders (IDP Guys rank: 31)

Character comparison: Elsa from Disney's Frozen

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Let's get things going with one of the most iconic Disney characters of the 21st century: Elsa. Due to her magical powers, Elsa spent the first years of her life feeling like she didn't belong. Even with her friends and family there, she felt like there was something bigger for her outside of her home in Arendelle. After an epic quest to Ahtohallan, Elsa found herself and found a new home, reaching her full potential.

Denzel Perryman has been through a similar journey in the NFL. He spent the first six years in the league with the Chargers franchise, averaging only 58.2 combined tackles a season.

Last year Perryman "Let It Go," so to speak, but instead of Ahtohallen, he found himself in Las Vegas. Vegas was clearly where he was born to play because Perryman went off for 154 combined tackles and "Showed Himself" to his first Pro Bowl.

In last year's campaign, Perryman found himself heading "Into the Unkown"...near the top of the fantasy linebacker scoreboard. He ended the year scoring the 11th most points. The Raiders did not do anything in the offseason to impact Perryman's spot on the defense, so his production is secure. Run to Oaken's Trading Post and do "The Next Right Thing" by drafting a guy who will finish in the top 15 again.

Lavonte David, OLB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (IDP Guys rank: 15)

Character comparison: James P. Sullivan from Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

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James P. Sullivan is a consummate professional. Working with his co-scarer, Mike Wazowski, for many years, the pair is the creme de la creme tandem on the scare floor. Just when his career is about to reach its pinnacle by breaking the scare record, everything changes. Young human, Boo, shows up and flips Sully's world upside down. Initially, Boo is thought to be bad, but over time she wins him over.

Sully has a tough decision to make. He can either get rid of Boo and continue the life he has or find a way to protect her despite the threat she causes him in doing so. In the end, Sully decides that Boo is worth saving. He succeeds! It turns out that scares are not the most powerful form of energy as thought, but rather, laughs are! In the end, it turns out Sully is a pretty good laugh producer as well!

Lavonte David's player arc could not be any more similar to Sully's character arc. David was the absolute star of the Buccaneers' defense for years, but in 2019 his world changed when Devin White and Shaquil Barrett joined the team. Even with the fear that the new additions could impact his playing time, David determined his life is better with them and took them under his wing.

While David's fantasy value has shifted a little, it turns out he's still really good, even with the other additions. Even in a down year last year, he averaged eight combined tackles per game. That put him on pace for 137 combined tackles, which would be good enough for 11th in the league. David had all of this production, even while White and Barrett produced at a high level.

Being ranked as the 15th best linebacker this upcoming year is about right. The best thing about drafting David is his consistency. Just like Sully, David knows how to produce at work, no matter what obstacles get in his way. Draft him with confidence and reap the rewards of this "monster."

Zaven Collins, LB, Arizona Cardinals (IDP Guys rank: 21)

Character comparison: Dory from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo

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When initially introduced to us, it is clear Dory is going to be important to the story, but we aren't quite sure how she will be used. With her short-term memory loss, it is evident that Marlin is going to have to do the heavy lifting trying to find his son. Sure, there are flashes of helpfulness, like with the jellyfish and with talking to the whale, but the short-term memory problem limits her utility.

At the end of the movie, when faced with a now found Nemo but not knowing who he is, Dory's memory returns and she saves the day! We leave the movie with the idea that Dory is getting better and her future is bright. In fact, her future is so bright that Dory gets her sequel where she gets to be the main character (Finding Dory)! This moment in time is where Zaven Collins enters the scene.

Collins' second year in the pros this upcoming year is comparable with Dory's second movie. Before talking about next year, let's look back at what he did last year. The first-round pick out of Tulsa was underwhelming, only seeing 20% of defensive snaps for the Cardinals and not producing much value. Due to his draft capital, it is clear that Collins is going to have his time to shine, last year just wasn't it.

With Jordan Hicks' departure in free agency, Collins is primed for a "Finding Dory"-esque breakout. Will he be successful in his own in a starring role? Dory was, so now it's Collins' turn. I am not as high on him as our site's rankers are, but I do see where the talent finally meets the opportunity angle for this player. For his sake in the NFL, I hope he "just keeps swimming" into the starting lineup on his team — and ours!

Cole Holcomb, LB, Washington Commanders (IDP Guys rank: 17)

Character comparison: Aladdin from Disney's Aladdin

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When we meet Aladdin, we see he is from very humble beginnings. Needing to "steal to eat" just to survive, Aladdin is far from living in the sultan's palace. He knows he is more than what he seems, he just needs someone to give him a shot.

The Cave of Wonders sums it up nicely by calling Aladdin a "diamond in the rough." Though done so with evil intentions, our villain Jafar sees this potential and sets Aladdin off on his journey.

Despite his origin story, Aladdin befriends a Genie, gets a princess to fall in love with him, and saves Agrabah from Jafar's evil scheme. His whole character arc proves that if you work hard enough and take advantage of opportunities, anything is possible...even for a "street rat."

Do you see where I am going with this one yet? Cole Holcomb was drafted in the fifth round by the now named Washington Commanders. Taking a quick peek at his draft profile, expectations were not too high for the former Tar Heel in the NFL. Holcomb's fate was set: he was to be a core special teamer and nothing more.

Much to everyone's dismay, Holcomb took advantage of his opportunities and started for his team in Week 1 of his rookie year. Since entering the NFL, he has been on the field for nearly 80% of his team's defensive snaps. Let's just say that the team from Washington found themselves a "diamond in the rough".

From a fantasy perspective, Holcomb is a "magic carpet ride". Last year he set career highs with 142 combined tackles and two interceptions, making him the 13th highest scoring linebacker in the game. When Jamin Davis reaches his potential, Holcomb will be even more able to move around the field and make plays. If I had three wishes, I'd use one of them to get Holcomb on my team.

I hope you had as much fun reading this little adventure of an article as I had writing it! If you liked this article on linebackers and their Disney/Pixar comparisons, please let me know so I know to keep writing these silly, unique articles! You can find all my work on my IDP Guys Author page. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @mrecord21 and follow @IDPGuys to keep up to date with all the latest fantasy news! 

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