IDP Draft Strategy: Top 5 Tips

Quality IDP draft strategy is important to have a successful fantasy football season. Here are my top five tips and IDP sleepers.

Whether you're new to drafting Individual Defensive Players (IDP) or have been for years, these basic IDP draft strategies will help you field a competitive team to vie for your league championship. Next, I'll cover some alternative IDP strategies to consider and provide some 2022 IDP Sleepers. Let's dig into fantasy IDP draft strategies that will help bring home the league trophy and the bragging rights that come with it.

Know Your League's Scoring

If there's only one piece of advice I could give to a beginner or novice fantasy IDP participant, it would be to know how your league scoring works. Most people believe scoring systems are uniform across leagues. However, it's not until they review their league's settings that people realize how different rules can be. Take a look at Joseph Haggan's article on scoring customization for more information.

Listed below are the three main factors to consider.

Scoring Style

Even though league scoring is individually customized, determining ratios between points received from tackles vs. points received from turnovers and sacks helps put scoring systems into general categories for further analysis. As explained by Gary Davenport, let's look at the three types of scoring.

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