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    Welcome To The NFL's Free Agent Deep IDP Dynasty Profiles Collection - The Hottest 2023 Free Agent Linebackers Edition.

    2023 Free Agent Linebackers

    Kaden Elliss

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    Kaden Elliss' best overall highlight was coming in for Pete Werner. He performed just as well as Werner, averaging tier 1 IDP box score points and doing it with little to no mistakes when the 2019 late-draft pick had never played any meaningful defensive snaps in the NFL.

    There's no doubt the Saints had a hidden NFL defensive gem in Kaden Elliss. They likely didn't even know it. Now that Elliss is out of the bag, he has to be one of the most intriguing stories of the 2022 season.

    He came in recording tier-one linebacker numbers when Pete Werner went down. Now, the Saints either need to pay up or let him walk. Either way, Elliss has set his own free agent value by breaking out late and heading into the 2023 free agent market... (Read More) 

    Germaine Pratt

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    It's one thing to work for a new contract, but to do it with such an elite-like performance is another. That's exactly how Germaine Pratt handled business this year. Not only did this set his free market to his terms, but it also likely outpriced his services regarding the Bengals being able to outright resign him.

    That's handling business like a pro with big splash plays and average fantasy points that might have some Cincinnati fans wondering if Logan Wilson is the better long-term option after all... (Read More)

    Bobby Okereke

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    Similarly to Pratt, Bobby Okereke has also made himself a popular name among teams in the NFL as a target that can run a defense. He also has years of experience and leadership you can't buy as a ready-made player very often.

    In a situation where his prior team doesn't need his higher-end serves anymore, despite them playing at a tier 1 level but second fiddle on their defenses by the teams that drafted them... (Read More)


    Cody Barton

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    Call us skeptical, but Cody Barton's slight improvement to an under-par performance won't earn him a starting gig next season. Including if he resigns with the Seahawks. There is now a clear-cut reason why this special team's ace was just that, and a depth player just in case.

    With Barton, it's more about the position vacated than the player gone missing. We all know that whoever plays inside linebacker for the Seahawks has a direct line to scoring fantasy points... (Read More)

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