• IDP Fantasy Football Instant Reaction & Waivers Week Thirteen Edition (Part One)

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    Taking a look at the NFL Week 13 from a IDP perspective; notes on what our writer @Orangeman3142 saw this weekend.

    This is a continuation of our weekly article series that breaks down what we saw this week in IDP fantasy football. What happened and why, what we got right and what we got wrong and more importantly how to move forward and get better next week.

    We look at possible waivers and trends, snap counts and issues that affect production for your IDP team. Part one will cover the first four games of week thirteen. Keep an eye out for part two dropping tomorrow morning.

    Let's get into it.

    New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys

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    Saints: We knew this was going to be a good matchup for DeMario Davis (LB), who led the way with 11 combined tackles on 100% of snaps this week, basically any middle or weakside linebacker with any kind of talent who plays the Cowboys is in for a great day with their short passing and consistent run game. He remains a spotty tier two guy overall though.

    Marshon Lattimore (CB) having the next best day was a surprise though, he recorded 10 combined tackles on 100% of snaps in a not ideal matchup against a Dallas team that doesn't have a ton of completions each week. So I was wrong on that one.

    Cameron Jordan (DE) had a monster game with 7 combined tackles, 2 sacks and 2.5 TFL on 93% of snaps played, the Cowboys lead the league in sacks allowed so this was about as ideal a matchup as you can possibly have and he took advantage. He's been one of the best deals this year considering his average draft position and what you've gotten in return.

    Sheldon Rankins (DT) had a great matchup with plenty of opportunities for run stuffing and sacks but only recorded 4 combined tackles playing 63% of snaps this week, he's still a solid tier two option but I would've liked to have seen him take advantage of such a juicy opportunity.

    Eli Apple (CB) had another nice game with 6 combined tackles on 100% of snaps and continues to be a nice option at IDP corner if you need help there. Vonn Bell (S) had a serviceable game with 6 combined tackles and 1.5 TFL on 75% of snaps while Marcus Williams (S) had a clunker with only 2 solo tackles playing 100% of snaps this week. Both remain spotty tier two options that I steer clear of.

    Cowboys: It was the two awesome tier one linebackers leading the way for the Cowboys this week. Leighton Vander Esch (LB) and Jaylon Smith (LB) both went nuts this week with Esch putting up 10 combined tackles and 0.5 TFL on 85% of snaps while Smith had 9 combined tackles playing 100% of snaps. Both remain tier one options but the imminent return of Sean Lee (LB) may end up screwing with Vander Esch's snap percentage or production or both so beware.

    Chidobe Awuzie (CB) and Jeff Heath (S) both had serviceable days with 4 combined tackles each and an extra pass defense for Awuzie while both played 100% of snaps this week. Awuzie remains a nice option against teams that pass well while Heath is best used as a short term safety play.

    Randy Gregory (DE) had a great game with 2 solo tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL on only 46% of snaps but got you what you needed if you used him as a spot start this week, which is about all he is good for.

    Anthony Brown (CB) had a monster game but is massively inconsistent and this is the first time I'm mentioning him and it's week thirteen so no need to grab him off waivers. DeMarcus Lawrence (DE) had only 3 combined tackles this week playing 79% of snaps this week, he'll be fine he's been an incredible tier one performer all year it's just the nature of the position every week can't be a home run.

    Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons

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    Ravens: It was Jimmy Smith (CB) leading the way for the Ravens this week, flash in the pan, nothing to see here, don't add him in waivers. CJ Mosley (LB) was next with 5 combined tackles and 1 TFL playing 100% of snaps this week, that's a bit down from his usual production but serviceable, he's too good to sit so I'll keep on plugging him in.

    Tony Jefferson (S) was injured and out this week and Chuck Clark (S) took his place only putting up 4 combined tackles playing 100% of snaps this week, I warned people that whoever replaced him would most likely suck and here's the proof, steer clear of this guy and wait for Jefferson to return or find someone else on waivers I reckon.

    Terrel Suggs (LB) had a great week with 3 combined tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFL on 79% of snaps but is still best played only if you have specific OLB or EDGE slots in your league. Eric Weddle (S) had a blah game with 2 solo tackles and 1 PD on 100% of snaps and is super inconsistent and best used as a spot start if you are truly desperate.

    Falcons: Guess who's back? Yep. Deion Jones (LB) came back this week, and with a vengeance. He recorded 15 combined tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL on 79% of snaps and is instantly back in form with no apparent rust at all, play him with confidence. Foye Oluokun (LB) was still able to put up numbers this week even with Jones back and racking up tackles left and right, he had 9 combined tackles playing 64% of snaps this week and may end up being a nice compliment next to Jones for the rest of the season but I would wait and see for another week or so before committing to him fully.

    Grady Jarrett (DT) had a great game this week with 6 combined tackles and 1 sack playing 73% of snaps and is still a tier one auto start defensive tackle. DaMontae Kazee (S) had only 5 combined tackles this week on 99% of snaps and may be the guy most effected by Jones return since a lot of running plays that got to his level will now be stopped dead in the middle of the field by Jones.

    Robert Alford (CB) had a nice day with 5 solo tackles playing 99% of snaps but with Poole and Trufant there as well it's tough to predict which corner will have a nice game each week so I'm avoiding all of them.

    Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals

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    Broncos: It was business as usual for the Broncos IDP this week with Todd Davis (LB) and Justin Simmons (S) leading the way like they have all season. Davis recorded 10 combined tackles and 3 TFL on 99% of snaps and continues his career best season production-wise, keep playing him. Simmons had 9 combined tackles, 1 PD and 1 INT on 100% of snaps and continues to be a rock solid tier one option at safety.

    Bradley Chubb (DE, LB) had a serviceable week with 3 solo tackles and 1 sack playing 82% of snaps this week, he's been a solid end of tier one option at defensive end all year and a roll of the dice at linebacker. Von Miller (LB, EDGE) had a nice week with 3 combined tackles, 1.5 sacks and 1 TFL playing 91% of snaps this week but I would still only play him in a specific EDGE or OLB slot.

    Derek Wolfe (DE) had a stinker but remains a decent tier two option for a spot start at defensive end and Chris Harris Jr (CB) got injured and is done for the year so we'll see who becomes a decent option at IDP corner for this team coming up in the next couple weeks.

    Bengals: Standout safety Shawn Williams (S) has been red hot lately and had another monster week with 9 combined tackles and 1 TFL playing 98% of snaps this week, he had a slump in the earlier part of the season but that seems to be a thing of the past, keep playing him.

    Jessie Bates (S) had his first bad week with just 2 solo tackles playing 100% of snaps this week but will be fine, he's been incredible all season. Nick Vigil (LB) underwhelmed in his first week back from injury with just 2 tackle assists playing 97% of snaps this week, we'll keep an eye on this it may just be rust but until we see him look like his old self I wouldn't play him.

    Carlos Dunlap (DE) had a serviceable game with 3 combined tackles and 1 TFL on 73% of snaps while Geno Atkins (DT) slump continues, he had no stats of any kind this week playing 76% of snaps. It may be time to pull the plug and find another defensive tackle if you're playing him weekly.

    Vontaze Burfict (LB) had only 2 solo tackles before he got himself concussed, we'll monitor that injury and see what happens. Jordan Evans (LB), Hardy Nickerson (LB) and Vincent Rey (LB) all play some snaps and have some production but we're never sure who will play the most or produce enough to be worth a start so I'm steering clear of the entire mess and I suggest you do as well.

    Los Angeles Chargers @ Detroit Lions

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    Rams: It was outstanding IDP safety John Johnson (S) leading the way again this week. After recording 11 combined tackles this week playing 100% of snaps Johnson finds himself firmly in the top ten of all IDP safeties this season with 85 combined tackles, 3 INT, 1 FF and 8 PD in 12 games this season and on track to smash 100 combined tackles and finish the season as a tier one safety.

    Even more impressively this will be on a team with a dynamic offense that scores tons of points and owns time of possession with the best running back in football damned near every single game. Johnson barely sees the field but when he does he makes the most of it.

    N'Damakong Suh (DT) had the next best day with 6 solo tackles playing 82% of snaps this week, he remains an end of tier one defensive tackle and a weekly auto start. Aaron Donald (DE) had another monster game this week with 5 combined tackles, 2 sacks, 4 TFL and 1 FF on 88% of snaps, he's the best IDP defensive end in the game right now end of story.

    Cory Littleton (LB) didn't have the best day when it came to tackle production but more than made up for it with bonus plays. He recorded 4 combined tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFL and 1 PD on 100% of snaps and remains a tier one auto start linebacker.

    Dante Fowler (DE) had himself an awesome week as well with 5 solo tackles, 1 sack and 3 TFL on 86% of snaps and remains a nice tier two option but a little spotty. Mark Barron (LB), Marcus Peters (CB) and Micheal Brockers (DE) all had off games this week but remain who they each are. Barron an overpriced, overhyped, underachieving linebacker who doesn't play when it's cold out.

    Peters a boom or bust corner who had an ideal matchup this week but did nothing with it and Brockers a nice tier two option at defensive end who should be fine.

    Lions: It was Quandre Diggs (S) leading the way for the Lions this week with 7 combined tackles, 2 PD and 1 INT on 100% of snaps this week, he remains a boom or bust tier two safety who I'm not interested in. Damon "Snacks" Harrison (DT) had another awesome week with 7 combined tackles and 1 sack playing 54% of snaps this week, he's completely back to being a tier one defensive tackle and a weekly auto start.

    Jarrad Davis (LB) had a serviceable week with 5 combined tackles on 100% of snaps, he's been just OK this year, definitely not great, if you have a better option I'd take it. A'Shawn Robinson (DT) had a decent week with 5 combined tackles on 57% of snaps but has been bad overall most of this season so I'm not interested.

    Ezekiel Ansah (DE) and Darius Slay (CB) both had bad weeks and haven't been exactly awe-inspiring this season anyways. Besides Snacks Harrison there is really no one on this teams defense I'm interested in to be honest.

    Make sure you catch part two dropping tomorrow and keep an eye out for my start or sit article dropping Sunday morning. My bad habit of going too far into detail means this article is in multiple parts instead of one novel.

    If you have any questions or need some advice feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@OrangeMan3142) or use the "Contact Us" box on our website (idpguys.org) to reach us. Our team of writers has over 100 combined years of experience in IDP fantasy football and we are always accessible and transparent with both our hits and misses.

    We've got you covered with player profiles, waivers, analysis, snap counts and injury updates all with no paywall @ idpguys.org.

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