IDP Guys’ Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

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If your fantasy football league has IDP, you need the best IDP Rankings to win the championship. Here are the IDP Guys' Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings!

IDP Guys' award-winning Week 15 Fantasy Football rankings have been published and will be updated throughout the week for breaking news, injury updates, and additional expert analysis.

IDP Guys has two experts competing in the 2022 FantasyPros IDP Accuracy Contest.

  • Leo McNeeley (@MasterIDP)
    • Ranked first in IDP Season-to-date.
    • Ranked first at Defensive Linemen.
    • Ranked first at Defensive Backs.
    • Ranked second at Linebackers.
  • Steve Tomasin (@dynastysanta)
    • Ranked second at Defensive Backs.

Individual Defensive Players

Our IDP rankers, including Will Weiss, Leo McNeeley, and Steve Tomasin, have arranged the IDP Guys' Week 15 IDP rankings.

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Offensive Rankings

Our offensive rankers, including Brandon Haye, Steve Bison, Seth Friedermann, Logan Glaze, and Michael Sicoli, have arranged the IDP Guys' Week 15 offensive rankings.

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Leo (@MasterIDP)

Leo joined IDP Guys as a writer and ranker on June 30, 2022. He is passionate about IDP and helping you win your fantasy leagues. Leo has been competing in IDP since 2013 in the Brooklyn Fantasy Football League (Ohio league established in 1991)
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