IDP Guys’ Week 18 Fantasy Football Rankings

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If your fantasy football league has IDP, you need the best IDP Rankings to win the championship. Here are the IDP Guys’ Week 18 Fantasy Football rankings!

IDP Guys’ award-winning Week 18 Fantasy Football rankings have been published and will be updated throughout the week for breaking news, injury updates, and additional expert analysis.

Individual Defensive Players

Our IDP rankers, including Will Weiss and Steve Tomasin, have arranged the IDP Guys’ Week 17 IDP rankings.

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Offensive Rankings

Our offensive rankers, including Brandon Haye, Steve Bison, Seth Friedermann, Logan Glaze, and Michael Sicoli, have arranged the IDP Guys’ Week 17 offensive rankings.

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Steve Tomasin (@DynastySanta)

After being introduced to fantasy football in 1999 as a wee lad still in middle school, I was hooked. I then began commishing my own keeper league 2 years later as a sophomore in high school, which has been running since. I used a computer program that required me to manually input weekly stats and had to print out summary packets each week to deliver to league owners at the bowling alley. I loved it. Stats and numbers and the competitiveness of being "right" about players was just an incredible high that not many other activities or hobbies have ever provided me. Around 2005 we migrated to the CBS sports site. I found a new love then, writing about our league. Each year after the draft I would "grade" each owner's team. It became almost as anticipated as the draft itself. Also, most weeks I'd recap the league's games and criticize start/sits while boasting my own accolades as long as I won that week. Dynasty, IDP & Superflex are the next evolutions in my fantasy football journey. I'm a Philly suburbs guy, GO BIRDS. Follow me on Twitter @dynastysanta
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