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    Who are the best stock market investments and liquidations for the preseason? Here's who to buy and sell, to help your fantasy portfolio this season!

    Every fantasy manager should look at their teams like the stock market. You want to buy rising stocks for cheap and sell at their peak, in order to secure a premium return. And just like stockbrokers and investors, you want to diversify your portfolio, with a number of different options. Not all stocks pan out and sometimes there are substantial losses, but there are also those penny stocks that can make you rich! Hopefully, my weekly stock market can guide you to a championship and those big payouts and help avoid those major losses.


    Stock Market Investments

    (Blue Chip Stock of the Week)

    LB, Jerome Baker, Miami Dolphins

    What a game our first investment, Jerome Baker, had this past Sunday versus the New England Patriots. This was a super close game going into the late 4th quarter and one reason was the performance of Baker. He recorded 13 tackles, 10 solos, one for a loss, one sack, and one forced fumble. There has been an overhaul of the roster the past two seasons, but Baker has remains the constant and blooming fantasy star. While he won’t continue the pace of 10+ tackles per game, I do see him continuing to be the star of that linebacker group. His play stood out, as he was all over the field from attacking downhill to showing his range in coverage when chasing plays to the outside.

    What does this mean for us fantasy managers? He could be one of the best additions to fantasy rosters this season. He’s the youngster of the Dolphins four starting linebackers and the most athletic. Baker plays Inside Linebacker in Miami’s 3-4 scheme, which is one of the best scoring positions in fantasy football. He is the kind of player that HC Brian Flores needs and wants in the middle of that defense. Baker posted a career-best 78 solo tackles last season, and should easily break that this season. He may not carry the name cache of the top stars, but he’ll be a great addition to your portfolio that won't cost much and can help your fantasy team win now.


    DE, Mario Addison, Buffalo Bills

    If you’re looking for a solid performer at the defensive end position, then look no further than my next stock market investment, Mario Addison of the Buffalo Bills. Any time you can add a player to your fantasy rosters for pennies on the dollar with his ROI upside, it just makes good business sense. At a position that has only a handful or so of elite fantasy scoring options, you have to look for the investments with the safest floors. Addison has that safe return floor, as he has produced nine-plus sacks in each of his last four seasons. This past Sunday versus the New York Jets, Addison continued to produce a high return with three tackles, all solo, 2 tackles for a loss, and one sack.

    In fantasy, especially in dynasty, I don’t typically like to invest in older players, but with what it costs you to add Addison’s (33) to your fantasy portfolio and the dividend he returns, his value is too good to pass up. You can pick him up off waivers or for a minimum bid in auction leagues - if available. A low investment option that gives you a good return is exactly what you’re looking for. I expect Addison to have another 8-10 sack season, and for those in sack heavy scoring leagues, that’s where his value lies. He finished last season as a tier 3 option and that’s a solid floor that you can trust him to give your fantasy teams. 

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    CB, Jimmy Moreland, Washington Football Team

    We all know that cornerbacks are a dime a dozen and are mostly streamed, but there are a few that worth rostering full time. Moreland is one of these must roster options. I was super high on him last year during his rookie season but despite the low initial investment to get him, his return was inconsistent, to say the least. Here we are a year later and his shares can still be had for pocket change. So what’s the difference now? Well, same buy low price tag, but a more experienced player with a much better team around him. This past Sunday versus the Philadelphia Eagles, Moreland produced six total tackles, five solos, with one interception returned for 32 yards and one pass break up, which scored 22.1 fantasy points.


    Moreland is the type of stock market investment that you want to add to your fantasy football portfolio. A low-cost acquisition that can yield you a high return. With Washington’s elite front line, the pressure they will cause will produce errant throws - which is where Moreland’s value blossoms. There will be plenty of playmaking opportunities throughout the season. Last year he only started five games and in year two, he’s now a full-time starter. Moreland has a ton of upside, who is going to maximize your cost. Now is the time to grab up all the shares you can, while his price is still low. A great dynasty option for position-specific leagues.


    Stock Market Liquidations


    ILB, Leighton Vander Esch, Dallas Cowboys 

    I know, I know! When you just saw LVE’s name listed in my stock market liquidation recommendations, you were probably like, "This dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about", but hear me out. LVE is among the best linebackers in the league and a great fantasy option, but this has more to do with his ability to stay healthy than his talent. After a terrific rookie season, where he had 140 tackles, it’s been a disappointment ever since. In 2019 he suffered a neck injury that caused him to miss the last seven games of that season, and now a broken collarbone that’s going to force him to miss the next six to eight weeks. Huge blow not only for Dallas but also for fantasy managers, as they likely have a lot invested in him.

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    No doubt he’s a star, but suffering neck injuries two seasons in a row is concerning. Luke Kuechly (concussions) comes to mind, and I know we’ve come a long way in player health and safety, but I am selling my shares of him now, while his name can net me a return. We have seen what injuries can do to a player’s fantasy value - Keanu Neal, for example. While we play fantasy for the fun of it, we also have a lot invested in our teams. It’s just like the stock market - You want to buy low, take your profit, and sell high.

    As a fantasy manager, I am selling all of my shares of him now. I'm not giving them away, as he is still young enough to continue being a fantasy stud. You should expect to be low balled, but stay strong and wait if you have to. He will be back! However, if I can get a fair price for him for a piece I need, then I will move him.

    Look at putting a package together with him in it, to help negate the loss. Never be afraid to make tough moves. Sometimes they are the best for your teams. Remember he’s a tier-one linebacker option where a fantasy manager needs him.


    DB, Amani Hooker, Tennessee Titans 

    Our next stock market liquidation is 2nd-year player Amani Hooker. Normally I don’t like to be so quick to cut young players. Some take a little longer to develop than others. That may be the case here as well, but two things jump out me with Hooker. First, he played more special teams snaps (18) than defensive snaps (11) in week one. Two, with all of Tennessee’s issues at cornerback, he couldn’t beat out the two rookies, Chris Jackson, and Kristian Fulton. I know he’s listed as and plays at the safety position, but he’s not beating out the duo of Kevin Byard and Kenny Vacarro. Hooker does have experience playing cornerback, from his days in college at Iowa and some in the NFL.

    In 2019, Hooker played 332 defensive snaps and 380 special teams while only recording 20 tackles. Was there a behind the scenes issue? We'll never know. But, for now, the return isn’t there to make him a viable fantasy option. If you have the room on your taxi squad and he’s eligible, then I suggest stashing him there for now. Otherwise, I would liquidate him from your portfolio, for a stock with more potential.  

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    LB, Oren Burks, Green Bay Packers

    When you been high on a player for a long time, it’s hard to cut bait and accept a loss. That’s exactly what I have here in Oren Burks. The opportunity to be a starter has been there and he just can’t take the job and run with it. That opening, first beside Blake Martinez and now beside Christian Kirksey, is one that has the potential to produce decent numbers.

    As a rookie, Burks put together a promising season that gave managers hope, but have never fully cashed in on. Burks's value has trended down ever since.

    He started four games as a rookie, and since then, he's been relegated to special teams.

    After two years of not seeing a profitable return from Burks, I am liquidating him from my fantasy portfolio. You’re not going to win games with players who are special teamers. This is a stock market liquidation must-make move, so you should move on for any player who has more value.

    I guess if you have super-deep rosters, you could stash him, but for me, it’s time to cut my losses.


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