IDP Stock Market Week 5

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Who are the best stock market investments and liquidations for Week 5? Here’s who to buy and sell, to help your fantasy portfolio this season!

Every fantasy manager should look at their teams as the stock market. You want to buy rising stocks for cheap and sell at their peak - seeking a premium return. And just like stockbrokers and investors, you want to diversify your portfolio. Not all stocks pan out and sometimes there are substantial losses, but there are also those penny stocks that can make you rich! You have to diversify your fantasy portfolio with all types of stocks that you can help you maximize your returns. Hopefully, my weekly stock market can guide you to a championship and those big payouts and help avoid those major losses.


Stock Market Investments


(Blue Chip Stock of the Week)


LB, Josey Jewell, Denver Broncos

Last Week: 73 snaps (95%), 10 tackles, 8 solos, 2 TFL’s, 2 sacks, 2 QB hits, 1 PBU

Sometimes a flashy IPO (Initial Public Offering) gets so hyped, it’s nearly impossible for it to perform to it’s expected return. Now that’s not to say that it won’t pay big dividends ever. Sometimes it just takes a stock longer than others to produce a return. That’s the case with Denver Broncos linebacker
Josey Jewell. Many investors, including myself, thought he would be an immediate hit and provide a huge return from the beginning. It just didn’t happen that way, as he was buried on the depth chart and fighting for reps. Jewell started just nine games as a rookie but only received 70% or more of the snaps twice. His 2nd season was even worse, even after a 14 tackle season opener.

Three years later, it finally looks like Jewell is producing to expectations and providing fantasy managers a great return. So what’s the difference between then and now? Well veteran
Todd Davis is no longer with the team. Jewell is receiving the full complement of snaps (95% on the season). It’s one thing to have the opportunity to perform, but it’s another to actually be given those opportunities. Jewell seems to be taking advantage of this opportunity and producing at a high level. Fantasy managers are reaping the high return, especially if they were smart enough to acquire him off waivers after other fantasy managers had dropped him. Surprisingly he’s still available in a number of leagues, so pick him and enjoy the return.

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S, Ryan Neal, Seattle Seahawks

Last Week: 71 snaps (100%), 6 tackles, 5 solos, 1 int, 2 PBUs


We have all heard the next man up. It may never be more true than it is this year with all the injuries and the COVID issues. The Seahawks lost Jamal Adams for a few games, so they needed someone to step up, and that someone is Ryan Neal. Neal is from Southern Illinois (yes the same school as Jeremy Chinn) and this is his third year in the league. Basically, a roster body or practice squad guy who no one heard of until this season. Neal is making the temporary switch to safety in the absence of Adams. He's taking full advantage of this opportunity and it could lead to more opportunities even when Adams returns.

Neal is a great short-term investment for fantasy managers - currently providing high returns. He’s played two games, making one start, and has produced 10 tackles, nine solos, two INTs, and three PBUs. Those are staggering numbers for a player that was at the bottom of the waiver pile. Will these numbers continue? Likely not, because when Adams returns, that will force Neal back to the bench. However, if Neal can continue to shine, the Seahawks could find a spot for him somewhere else in their secondary. There’s nothing wrong with shopping from the bargain bin, as long as you do your homework. Neal is a penny stock that is producing a hand over fist return and can help your fantasy team win now. Ride the wave and then dump when Adams returns.

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LB, Jon Bostic, Washington Football Team

Last Week: 57 snaps (100%), 14 tackles, 6 solos


One of the more underrated stocks that’s producing a high return is Jon Bostic. A seven-year journeyman linebacker, Bostic has fit in Washington. He was a productive player last year for Washington as a 16 game starter, but he has been playing even better so far this season. Last year he averaged a decent 6.5 tackles per game, but this year has improved to an impressive nine per game. Bostic has had at least seven tackles and five solos in all four games, and with that impressive defensive line in front of him. I expect this type of return from him to continue. 

Bostic is a great investment stock for fantasy managers. He can be acquired in trades for next to nothing and picked up off waivers in some leagues. A low-cost investment, combined with the return he’s currently providing makes this a no-brainer investment. Washington has a lot of issues offensively, so that will lead to the defense being on the filed more than they would like, but for us fantasy managers that’s what we want. The more opportunities to make plays, the better. Bostic is performing at an LB1 tier level, so go get him on your teams. See if he’s available on waivers or if not ask for him as an extra piece in any potential trades you might make.


Stock Market Liquidations


LB, Cory Littleton, Las Vegas Raiders

Last Week: 60 snaps (98%), 7 tackles, 6 solos, 1 TFL


My first stock market liquidation Cory Littleton, whom I have never been a big fan of as a fantasy option. Up until this year, he had been producing at a high level, but he hasn’t provided the return this season so far. Littleton went from averaging just over eight tackles per game last season to just over five per game this year and no impact plays (sacks, ints, etc). So why the sudden drop off in production? Is it the change of scenery going from the Rams to the Raiders? Is it the talent (ex: Nick Kwiatkowski) around him? Could it be he’s playing at outside linebacker instead of inside like he did with the Rams? All are valid questions.

To answer that question, it’s all the above! He’s no longer on the Rams and playing behind superstar Aaron Donald. He’s not playing the same position as before and as a result, his production has taken a hit. He still carries a big name value that can still get you something valuable for him in return in trades. Underperforming stocks are difficult to access. Do you hold on in hopes of a bounce-back? Do you sell your shares and get what you can? Littleton is only age 26 and is receiving a full complement of snaps, but for me, I am selling any shares I may have. The linebacker position is a deep one and one of the easier ones that fantasy managers can find a suitable replacement (ex Jon Bostic), that is paying out a better return.


DE, Dante Fowler, Atlanta Falcons

Last Week: 31 snaps (41%), 2 tackles, 1 solo


There are a lot of similarities between Fowler and my first stock market liquidation listed above, Cory Littleton. Both played for the Rams a year ago, both changed teams this offseason and both switched positions. Just like Littleton, Fowler hasn’t performed anywhere close to the way he did with the Rams. In 2019 he had a career-best season with 58 tackles and 11.5 sacks. However, he has eight tackles and one sack so far this year. When a stock underperforms this far below expectations, it’s quite concerning. When you think about it, this can be said for the Atlanta Falcons entire roster this year. Fowler is also just age 26 so there is time for his stock to climb back up, but I don’t believe it will be to the point he was at last season.

The difference between Fowler and Littleton is Fowler is only receiving half the snaps.e. It’s one thing to get a full complement of snaps, but when you don’t that’s a lot of missed playmaking opportunities. There are other viable options that will provide your teams with a much higher return and at a much lower investment. I would suggest packaging Fowler in trades to a team that needs defensive end help, in an effort to try and recoup some value. You’re not going to recoup all of your lost value, but I would try to trade him before I had to cut him.

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