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    Who are the best stock market investments and liquidations for Week 5? Here’s who to buy and sell, to help your fantasy portfolio this season!

    Every fantasy manager should look at their teams as the stock market. You want to buy rising stocks for cheap and sell at their peak, in order to secure a premium return. And just like stockbrokers and investors, you want to diversify your portfolio, with a number of different options. Not all stocks pan out and sometimes there are substantial losses, but there are also those penny stocks that can make you rich! You have to diversify your fantasy portfolio with all types of stocks that you can help you maximize your returns. Hopefully, my weekly stock market can guide you to a championship and those big payouts and help avoid those major losses.


    Stock Market Investments


    (Blue Chip Stock of the Week)

    LB, Eric Kendricks, Minnesota Vikings

    Last Week: 54 snaps (100%), 8 tackles, 7 solos

    My top stock market investment of the week is the six-year stock of linebacker Eric Kendricks. He is a guy who has provided a safe and steady return each year. He’s led the Vikings in tackles in each of his five seasons - recording 100+ tackles in four of his five seasons. Can’t ask for a more stable return on a stock that likely costs you next to nothing to invest in right? Well if you can pick him up off of waivers or already own him, he’s providing an even better return. Through five games so far this season, Kendricks is tied for the league lead in total tackles (53) and ranks 2nd in solos (37). He’s averaging 10.6 tackles per game and in leagues that score tackles heavily, he’s a must-add for your IDP portfolio.


    LB, Kyzir White, Los Angeles Chargers

    Last Week: 74 snaps (100%), 15 tackles, 10 solos, 1 TFL, 1 QB hit

    The initial public offering of Kyzir White in 2018, his rookie year, was a complete flop. He only played in three games and was barely on the field. In year two, stockholders of White hoped a reinvestment wouldn’t be a risk and payoff some type of return, but while it was much better than year one, it still was considered a failing stock. Now here we are in the third year of his career and he’s finally providing the return fantasy managers wanted from the beginning. Over the last three games, he’s recorded 10+ tackles in all three contests, 36 total tackles (12 per game), and 26 solos (8.6 per game). White is racking up the tackles. He’s a great stock market investment that most likely can be picked up off waivers.

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    CB, Shaquill Griffen, Seattle Seahawks

    Last Week: 87 snaps (100%), 8 tackles, 7 solos, 2 PBUs

    I know! I know! My next stock market investment is a cornerback, but Shaquill Griffen has been playing as good as any corner in the league. Through the first five games, Griffen is off to the best start of his career and is on pace to shatter his career-best numbers across the board. Cornerbacks aren’t generally highly invested in stocks, but with the return, you get back from him, he’s worth picking up and riding the hot trend up in his stock. Griffen is averaging six tackles and one PBU per game and has already his personal best in interceptions (2). Seahawks are on a bye, but in Week 7 he’ll get to face an Arizona Cardinals team that likes to throw a lot. He had success against Arizona last year (7 tackles & 1 PBU).


    Stock Market Liquidations


    DE, JJ Watt, Houston, Houston Texans

    Last Week: 71 snaps (95%), 2 tackles, 1 PBU, 1 fumble recovery

    Hopefully, you have been listening to me long before now, but JJ Watt is a stock market liquidation. The injuries over the years have and decline in production, have made him a shell of his former 3X DPOY self. He’s past his prime and the decline is real, however, he still makes enough plays on occasion and has the name recognition that you can still get something of value. There is always a fantasy manager that believes, that he can help their team for a few more weeks. I suggest making him a throw-in piece in any trade you make, in hopes, that you can squeeze that last bit of return from him. If unable to do that, then just cut him and your losses and move on.


    LB, Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions

    Last Week: BYE WEEK

    The Jarrad Davis era is over in Detroit. He has gone from being a full-time starter to playing just barely over a quarter of the snaps as a backup. Even though he’s playing fewer snaps, his missed tackle rate (21.4%) is at a career-worst pace. He’s clearly fallen out of favor in Detroit and it’s time for fantasy managers to move own from him. Davis will still likely get decent reps from time to time, but he just isn’t a reliable fantasy option anymore. At age 24, with a scenery change, there is still time for him to salvage his career, but until that happens, there is no need to keep him in your fantasy portfolio. There are much better options on the waiver wire, that can help your fantasy teams.

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    SS, Tavon Wilson, Indianapolis Colts

    Last Week: 9 snaps (12%), 1 tackle

    My last stock market liquidation, Tavon Wilson. He's been a player who has been a decent fantasy option in two of the last four seasons with the Detroit Lions. In two seasons as a full-time starter, he averaged 94 tackles per season. He was expected to have a significant role with Indianapolis, but he’s been stuck behind Khari Willis on the depth chart. When free safety Malik Hooker went down with yet another injury, there was a slight opening he could play free safety, but rookie phenom Julin Blackmon has squashed all that with his high-level play. For now, he’s just a backup and there are better options on the waiver wire. Just cut your losses and don’t waste a roster spot on what could be’s.

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