IDP Tipster’s Futures: Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Foyesade Oluokun Is The Ace Up The Sleeve

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The Tipster is making that play from under the table as he slides that ace from out of his cuff and makes his final play on Atlanta Falcons rookie linebacker Foyesade Oluokun. With Deion Jones to I.R., it’s officially time to risk getting caught.

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Futures – (Also, Ante Post) Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event.

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This “take” may not be 100% up to the standard in terms of proper article writing. But the original idea of the “IDP Tipster” persona was to hit on the IDP players who are either “sleeping” or “under the radar” before they go mainstream. So please, read the content more than the delivery with me as I follow-up on this situation that’s come up. Warning! This statement is going to become even more relevant as we hit this time of the year and momentum is in play. It’s about to get ugly.

So before we dive into this mess, I’d just like to say we are going short and sweet as normal with these “futures” and straight to the point. Anyone following me in hints, FP reports, or “Live” has heard me try to drop this players dime. As a matter of fact, I believe it was with another player in which in “Live” I said it’s two nickels make a dime. But that’s not important, getting an official call on my part out to who will listen to me is. Let’s walk thru how I seen things unfolding for Oluokun until those rookie blues hit in week three of the preseason when he hurt his ankle pausing the push to beat out Duke Riley.

Dropping those hints stronger and stronger as we go.

I realize as I do this, you can not link on the resource shown in them I used. So if you really want it as I do as an IDP writer, here is where you start to locate those article/reports and follow-up on whats been said.

If not for that ankle injury I fully expect to write one of these future articles on Oluokun the week after the third preseason contest. But instead had to monitor his time off and missing those important practices to keep his momentum going. No way we could have known Jones would go down or this momentum he had would likely put him on IDPar this way. But here it is, and after a few statements, I’ll make that “take”.

At the time I’m writing this I know of no official news saying what is going to be done with Jones now out after Neal went to I.R. I see this playing out within a few weeks, Oluokun will be primed to hold onto a starting role even when or if Jones returns. Of course, this doesn’t mean in Jones spot as the captain and the middle linebacker. But as in forcing his Ace into play and out performing Duke Riley for that weakside linebacker spot. Lets just have a look at something here.

What I see is the same type athlete pick by Dan Quinn, but with a Yale education and already four years of starting experience. Oluokun in my mind’s eye was selected to compete directly with Riley. Riley didn’t help himself his rookie season when he struggled all year and never made the impact that Quin was looking for. So as he did when he drafted Deion jones he grabbed another clone that just happen to go to an Ivy school and was being overlooked by most NFL teams. If Quin is anything, and if you know what he has drafted so far as the head coach in Atlanta, it’s grab talent on defense and reach or spot those who are overlooked.

Deion Jones

Keanu Neal

De’Vondre Campell

Grady Jarrett

Damontae Kazee

Brian Poole

Duke Riley

Takk McKinley (to an extent)

And this year,  Foyesade Oluokun as well as DT Deadrin Senat, who I’ll mention is already making his mark as well.

Final Take: Oluokun will be relevant soon enough in the Atlanta defense and should be taken off the waiver wires now, before it’s too late. I like his odds to stay relevant all season. In turn would be that guy next to Jones for years to come as Duke Riley falls to the next man up behind all the starting linebackers. Duke was the physical target but did not have the instincts or mentality his rookie year to get it done. And with question marks heading into the season Quin addressed it with Oluokun. I’m not saying go drop Riley, I’m say go accure some Oluokun and watch the situation from now until Jones comes back. My bet, it’s on the rookie to stick.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at And be sure to catch me on periscope via Twitter and look for me on those podcasts.



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