IDP Tipster’s Futures: Carolina Panthers Safety Rashaan Gaulden Is The Wild Card Draw

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The “Draw Card” is Rashaan Gaulden, and it’s time to raise the stakes and buy in.

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This “take” may not be 100% up to the standard in terms of proper article writing. But the original idea of the “IDP Tipster” persona was to hit on the IDP players who are either “sleeping” or “under the radar” before they go mainstream. So please, read the content more than the delivery with me as I follow up on this situation that’s come up. Warning! This statement is going to become even more relevant as we hit this time of the year and momentum is in play. It’s about to get ugly.

For those of you who may follow my “takes” in one form or another may remember that back in June I had a “take” involving the Panthers third-round safety Rashaan Gaulden. Which I’ll point out can be found in this article if your interested, “Oddsmaker: Determining The IDP Relevant Carolina Panthers Safeties”.

In the article, I made this final statement:

“Rashaan Gaulden is and happens to be my target at what should be an affordable investment with the most upside. I say it that way because I feel fortunate enough that he recently went undrafted in my 32 team flagship league rookie draft I’m a part of. My cost to acquire him was a minimum bid in the auction as I kept my fingers crossed no one would take serious note of my bid.

According to the ADPs in full redrafts as well as a rookie only drafts he was currently going undrafted. He’ll likely receive every opportunity to compete as a third-round pick and the reports of Searcy having good OTAs and minicamps just don’t come in play hard enough knowing his history. With Gaulden’s name not yet hitting mainstream fantasy football airwaves as Searcy’s has this is the more primed player for odds of making a low investment with what actually could turn into a productive IDP play.”

From that point on he was firmly on my “IDPar” (IDP Radar) and I followed it up with my newsdesk reports and constant updates thru Twitter post, going live on periscope, and probably in a podcast, I’ve recently done. Not to mention the other newsdesk reports via @nfl_alerts involving a couple other Panther defensive backs which I will not list here because they are just hints in reports along the same lines.

Jalen Ramsey calling Rashaan Gaulden defensive rookie of the year candidate

The Carolina third-round rookie Rashaan Gaulden has been reportedly working out this offseason with elite cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye, and Casey Hayward. The three veterans were reportedly impressed enough that Jalen Ramsey went as far to post on Instagram that the rookie should be in contention for the defensive rookie of the year.

Fantasy Impact

Fantasy Football IDP owners will want to take note of the statement and consider keeping tabs on the rookie. It is currently unclear the role he’ll have to start the season, but the off-season reports are positive enough that Gaulden should be on the radar of owners looking for additional assets to add. If he manages to win a starting role as one of the main safeties there will be the potential to make an IDP impact in 2018. – by Gary VanDyke | Panthers Correspondent | Tue, Jul 24th 12:04 pm EDT

Third round safety Rashaan Gaulden seeing time with the first unit early on

According to a camp report rookie Rashaan Gaulden seen time with the first defensive unit in the first practice of Carolina Panthers training camp over Da’Norris Searcy. In the report, it was James Bradberry, rookie Donte Jackson, rookie Rashaan Gaulden, and Mike Adams to first be deployed. Searcy was then later rotated in with that unit.

Fantasy Impact

This could be a significant indication that Carolina will be giving the rookie Rashaan Gaulden every opportunity to earn the starting safety role opposite of Mike Adams. Fantasy Football owners who play in IDP leagues will want to keep tabs on the situation as it develops. Both Gaulden and Searcy’s IDP value will be determined by the first week of 2018 season over the next few weeks of camp. Whoever wins the starting job as the other safety with Adams should have the ability to become IDP relevant. – by Gary VanDyke | Panthers Correspondent | Fri, Jul 27th 7:53 am EDT

Rashaan Gaulden working his way into a prominent role

Third-round safety Rashaan Gaulden plays with a physical edge and has been improving steadily while being worked into the first unit. He has also shown a nose for the ball and made multiple plays.

Fantasy Impact

Rashaan Gaulden is a player that IDP owners should consider as a potential future player that could support their lineups. With longtime veteran Mike Adams knocking on retirements door and Da’Norris Searcy being the only other competition for a starting role, Gaulden’s prominent role could take hold sooner rather than later. The rookies IDP status is steadily trending upward.- by Gary VanDyke | Panthers Correspondent | Wed, Aug 15th 6:08 am EDT

Rashaan Gaulden holds his own in replacing Da’Norris Searcy (concussion)

For a rookie, reports have Rashaan Gaulden as a stable and consistent player in practice and it carried over when he was inserted into the line up after Da’Norris Searcy went down with the head injury versus Miami in the second preseason contest on Friday night. Head coach Ron Rivera was excited to see the rookie hold his own and reportedly just as excited to review the game tape to verify what he seen from the sidelines.

Fantasy Impact

IDP owners need to consider Rashaan Gaulden a future option pending Searcy (concussion) as well as on their radars in general at this point. Much like the other rookie cornerback Donte Jackson, Gaulden is making an impression worth noting on the Carolina Panthers. –

by Gary VanDyke | Panthers Correspondent | Sat, Aug 18th 7:33 pm EDT

A few “token” statements from other sources (Beat writers/Columnists/Etc.) via Twitter for you to consider as well.

At this point, I am prepared to now make a final take and pull the trigger as Gaulden being my “Wild Card” draw card that has us in a position to hold a winning hand.

My final “take”: With the news that Da’Norris Searcy is looking like the guy that I wrote about in the first article and that momentum that Rashaan Gaulden has with the coaching staff, I suggest he is well worth a pick up right now.

And pending how the situation unfolds with Searcy will determine how likely we will benefit from getting Gaulden on our roster. As of the moment, I’m writing this article Searcy is well in the NFL concussion protocol and only been able to do light work on the side in practice.

Either way, how this “take” is heading, Gaulden is worth the pick up based more on his own merits. They’ll use this rookie for what he offers and his upside is he is still currently third in line for playing time. I don’t have a “hard take” on how he ends the season, as in what tier among the defensive backs he lands in. 

However, at this moment I will say his ceiling is likely as a DB2. It is possible that the most intriguing aspect of this situation could be his 2018 momentum carrying over into 2019. With that being said, do you have the room on your roster?

Do not drop a known player offering up the DB2 level, unless your building and it is an old player. This “take” has way more dynasty upside than win now. Only the season playing out will determine if there is even more upside that I am not willing to make the “take” on at this point.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at And be sure to catch me on periscope via Twitter and look for me on those podcasts.

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