IDP Tipster’s Futures: Philadelphia Eagle Linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill, Place Those Bets

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It’s time to buy low on Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill who is looking good after Preseason week 1.

From The Sports Betting Glossary:

Futures – (Also, Ante Post) Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event.

This “take” may not be 100% up to the standard in terms of proper article writing. But the original idea of the “IDP Tipster” persona was to get the info we want to know about, on IDP players who are either “sleeping” or “under the radar” to hit before they go mainstream. So please, read the content more than the delivery with me as I follow up on this situation that’s come up.

For those of you who may follow my “takes” in one form or another, may remember that back in mid-June I had a “take” on the Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill. Which I’ll point out can be found thru my latest dossier for accountability entitled “The IDP Tipster” 6/10/18. In the article, I make such statements as:

“Eagles 2nd year LB Kamu Grugier-Hill is turning heads while running with the 1st team defense at mainly the Weakside Linebacker.”

“Don’t ‘take’ this wrong, Gerry is firmly still on the radar as a flier, but per OTA reports Grugier-Hill has been the one making the plays and catching the attention of the coaches.”

“There is some ‘upside’ here with KGH if he wins the role. KGH is likely going undrafted in full redrafts and on the waiver wire in standard size leagues, do you have a hole to fill? possibly a ‘flier’ 3 – 4 outside linebacker to drop?”

All those statements held true throughout the rest of the offseason. So now we will recap some of the things that have unfolded thru the process and now has me making the second “take” on him as an IDP player for 2018. And be sure to hang out all thru the article, at the end we will touch on a linebacker who remains a flier.

Over the course of camp to this past preseason contest versus the Steelers, Nathan Gerry and KGH received most if not all the reps at the weakside linebacker position with the first unit. With Gerry getting the majority but depending on the day of the week who went first with the base defense varied. We will note here that newly signed Corey Nelson did receive some time with the first unit as well here and there, at first (OTAs). And at the time Nelson was signed there were many fantasy football sites and gurus locking him down as a starter and misdirecting the IDP crowd.

How can I make this statement? With the knowledge that if Nelson could not lock down a starting role in all those years in Denver, and they also were not willing to pay him enough to keep him around this in 2018, the writing was on the wall. Believe me when I tell you as an IDP guy I’ve known the Bronco’s situation at linebacker for years. Nelson had ample opportunities to become relevant. There were times that Nelson only had to actually beat out average competition by the way. And the likelihood that he would all of a sudden excel to the point that he would overtake anyone on the Eagles roster as a starter was just as slim as it was each year that past he would in Denver.

Unfortunately for anyone who bought into that idea back when the Eagles signed him to a one-year deal at $1.6 million that he was more than a depth signing and a special teams player wasted their time. And shame on those sites and “gurus” not doing their due diligence for the fantasy community. At this point, there would have to be a few injuries for Nelson’s number to come up.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t be shocked if he did not make the final roster. They can save $1 million if they do and only eat $600,000 in dead cap, which is basically the signing bonus they gave to have him to come in as a special teams player. That is “beans” for a veteran player who has been in the league for four years. Ask all the other free agent linebackers who got paid this offseason.

So, with that out of the way, we resume our Gerry and KGH recap. Neither player was exactly running away with the job thru camp. Gerry was getting his chance and playing solid but not standing out. On the other hand with fewer chances, KGH was making plays that counted day in and day out. Notable plays that can change the momentum of a game if you may.

The only reports not supporting this fact out of camp were the sites who originally weren’t keeping an open mind in the beginning when the position opened up with Kendricks release. But as time has gone by and the first preseason game has passed we now see that they have no choice but to sweep things under the rug and report the facts. And the fact of the matter is that starting this past Sunday KGH is running with the base package first defense. And unless at this very moment I’m missing something we should assume that is the case currently.

The First Preseason Game Recap By Player Versus The Steelers.

Corey Nelson third-string WLB, and showed that is where he belongs.

LaRoy Reynolds third string SLB, reportedly made a couple “gifted” plays against the Steelers third-string players. “Gifted” as in a present.

Joe Walker second and third string MLB, held his own but is working his way back from injury and didn’t quite play up to par.

Nigel Bradham starting SLB, play on the field was as normal, top-notch. Too bad for his IDP owners he will be SSPD the first game of the season for being an idiot.

Jordan Hicks starting MLB, showed well coming off the injury.

Nathan Gerry starting WLB and some SLB when KGH came in, was blocked by a lineman on a run up the middle that went for 15 yards. He did take on the block, but couldn’t shed the big man. Later he showed a good effort on a goal-line run while fighting off a block to get to the ball carrier. He also did well in coverage and made a nice play late in the half when the running back caught a pass out of the backfield and got some space.

Kamu Grugier-Hill was the second WLB in with the first string, he simply was the most athletic player on the field as far as the defensive side of the ball is concerned. An easy observation to make. He did “whiff’ on a tackle in the backfield after getting great penetration on the running back off the top. But his speed and “next gear” was relevant throughout the contest with him totaling six solo tackles, including two tackles for a loss. It was the team leading effort in solo tackles as well. We will cap it off with this following play, which as you can see it isn’t an exaggeration on his speed and that “next gear” via Dave Zangaro in Philadelphia.

As you can see he actually “bites” on the play fake as all of the defense did but look at the recovery. Just how can the Eagles not have this guy on the field?

The final take: I’m making the call, get KGH if you have the room, or can drop the extra depth. Again need to say, think this out, don’t drop a proven player here for him. He is going to be relevant one way or the other and the Eagles will end up using this kid up in one form or another. I would set his floor as a low LB2 to a ceiling of a solid LB2. I know what the rumors are about the weakside linebacker not being an every-down player.

Now I’ll say it again, go watch the tape. We still have to keep in mind that Hicks is injury prone so far in his career on top of the idea that reportedly the coaching staff now have solid game time action on KGH. Somewhere, somehow, this kid is going to make his mark in 2018. I’m not going to “fluff” this with any more details. If you don’t place your bet soon, the stakes are going to go up soon to buy in on Kamu Grugier-Hill.

So I had added the following as well to that article I mentioned with the first “take” on KGH.

“Bonus Flier: Keep tabs on Nathan Gerry as well. Again, Jordan Hicks has a hard time staying healthy. And when the pads come on all bets are off. It isn’t far-fetched we end up seeing both KGH and Gerry come into play. And Joe Walker is also in the wings recovering from his own injury and not entered the picture as of yet.”

Gerry isn’t off the hook here yet, I won’t make the “take” on him per say, but the statement stands as it reads.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at And be sure to catch me on periscope via Twitter and look for me on those podcasts.



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