IDP Tipster’s Futures: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Safety Jordan Whitehead Is Officially The Wild Card Called

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One of the IDP Tipsters “future” calls is now in play as the wild card in the deck, be sure to double shuffle to land safety Jordan Whitehead.

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Futures – (Also, Ante Post) Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event.

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This “take” may not be 100% up to the standard in terms of proper article writing. But the original idea of the “IDP Tipster” persona was to hit on the IDP players who are either “sleeping” or “under the radar” before they go mainstream. So please, read the content more than the delivery with me as I follow-up on this situation that’s come up. Warning! This statement is going to become even more relevant as we hit this time of the year and momentum is in play. It’s about to get ugly.

Anyone anywhere that may have listened to my “Lives” over the pre-season heard me dropping those dimes on Bucs rookie safety Jordan Whitehead. Or perhaps on Twitter in constant posts about the hard-hitting safety making the difference in camp. Either way, you may or may not have caught the “hints” to stash this young man, it is time to hear me now.

This “take” on him is going to be short and sweet. I’m not even taking the time to add “fluff” Twitter posts or dig that deep into my own news desk posts and “Live” archives to prove anything here. It is going to be as clean as clean gets here on this official “Futures” article.

Jordan Whitehead is now the next man up and the guy to target if looking for a defensive back not sought after that is an Atlanta Falcon because of their team secondary injuries. With Chris Conte officially being placed on I.R.

Whitehead is now the next man up and ready to take on that production that Chris Conte has afforded IDP owners for the last few years. At worst we see a shuffling of Justin Evans to the strong safety and Whitehead inserted as the free safety, but either way, this rookie will get us some IDP points here in the near future.

This is one of those cases where I could again cover how he has been a heat-seeking missile on the playing field when given the opportunity, or how at one point he was putting pressure on Chris Conte for his starting gig. But this is all wash now, as it is coming down to the simple fact that Whitehead should be the next man up to replace Conte.

The strong safety position or even the free safety position can award us with tier one type production among defensive backs any given matchup. This is key for us to take advantage now rather than waiting out the situation if we have the room to add him off waiver wires ASAP. It’ll likely only take one game to make him a hot name to get off the wire. And as I said I have been toting this rookie as a guy to stash for some time, it is now beyond a stash at this point.

Final Take: Whitehead should instantly give us a great option at the defensive back position. Believe me when I say he has already proven to the team he can get the job done. Also believe me when I say he is more than ready, maybe too ready to get this job done. He does not shy away from tackling, he covers the field with great vision, and he wants to make the play.

It will not matter in his division what position he takes over here, the free safety and the likely spot of strong safety versus teams like New Orleans, Atlanta, and Carolina alone insure him great matchups. Without even scanning the rest of the Bucs schedule I’m willing to set his floor at a DB2.

He’ll come into play each week via matchups and will be a great bye week pickup or stash. If the average Chris Conte can make a living out of his role on this Tampa Bay defense like he does, Whitehead just may take it and run it up a notch for the rest of this season.

As far as I’m concerned, he just may have become the number one waiver wire pick up for Week 4. And as for dynasty leagues, this kid isn’t going anywhere soon. Defensive backs on IDP rosters can be built around kids like this in defensive schemes that use the safeties like this. Stop reading, go get this rookie.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at And be sure to catch me on periscope via Twitter and look for me on The No Bullshit Content IDP Podcast.

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