• Inception Into IDP Fantasy Football

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    Are you looking to further your knowledge of fantasy football. Here I give you IDP and how to attack it.

    The Introduction 

    LEAGUEMATES: I’ve noticed that the majority of IDP beginners tend to judge it strictly based on playing just one year, in a league that is poorly set up and no help along the way. My advice is to find a startup up setup by a IDP podcast, or website. You can learn a lot from the group chats alone.

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    Chapter 1


    After you have found a league that you feel comfortable in and followed a few new IDP Analyst/Podcasts/Writers, it’s time to figure out the points your new IDP (Individual Defensive Players) positions will be getting. My very first suggestion when talking point scoring with your league mates is suggesting NPLB(No Player Left Behind). This is a very balanced setup for every IDP league to make all positions more balanced. It’s a simple system that’s similar to what we do when we make Superflex leagues, so QBs are more a part of Fantasy, or even TE premium leagues, so a position that is almost dying away can be more relevant as well.

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    Chapter 2

    Offensive Players Are Still King in IDP/OFF Leagues

    Even in a year where the offensive players can put us to sleep in rookie drafts, I still have four offensive players ranked above the first IDP rookie(Devin Bush). Some sites you can even see 10-12 offensive players being drafted before the 1st IDP player is taken. This is the normal 99.9% of the years when drafting your rookies. I’m currently in an Offensive/IDP Start-Up Fantasy 66 round Draft, with all writers and analysts from Fantasy IDP. The first IDP player wasn’t drafted until the 9th Round... My point? A strong case could be made it is offensive only drafts start get get boring around rounds 19,20,21. Well why not add a LB & just DL and add a player pool that makes it fun in those rounds with NFL defensive superstars..Let me, help you, make it fun.

    Chapter 3

    Comparing and how to Prioritize Offensive vs IDP ) as mentioned in the step above, the offense is still the top dawg in mixed Fantasy Football Leagues but following this simple tool can help you decide for yourself what your Fantasy Empire needs more.


    Rounds 1-5 

    Tier 1- RB,WR,RB,DE,DT

    RDS 6-10

    Tier 1-QB,Safety

    Tier 2-WR,LB,DE

    RDS 11-15 

    Tier 2 WR,DE,TE

    Tier 3 RB,DT


    Rookie Drafts Can Vary in Roster Construction 

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    Chapter 4

    Does the IDP Player play in 3-4 or 4-3 NFL Defense Don’t let the sound of that intimidate you one bit? This is a step that you can get acclimated too as you go and not hit the ground running with. It is literally as easy as knowing if the TE you own is a pass catcher or a blocker or is your RB a PPR back or is he a goal-line back, that is dependent on game situations.

    I promise too any of you reading this, IDP is only hard if u believe, Urban Legends. Its too much work and just don’t have time for more players. It can be just as simple as the game you play right. IDPGUYS.org can now be your go-to source for any and all IDP Fantasy Football Leagues! Until I can get THE TON of IDP stuff I have planned to bring to ReiterDigestNetwork YouTube page my DMs are always open on Twitter @OklahomieDoug. 


    Howdy folks, names Doug Bevills. I’m a 14 yr Fantasy Sports Vet, that has been writing/ranking/podcasting for the last decade. Husband of 10yrs to my best friend, Father of 7(yup 7). I take care of 112 head of cattle, work 60 hrs week(heavy equipment), roll BJJ twice a week and still 99% of my thoughts are of IDP Fantasy Football. Was voted 15th ranked #IDPFFFollows 22nd #NFLDraftFFFollow and 6th Under 1k in 2019 on FFTwitter. Music,Movies,a stiff drink and Family!! Creator & Host RatedIDPLive on Podbean and YouTube #PodWars2019 and #WriterWars Sponsor Affiliates include MyFantasyLeague.com GETEMBOY.com DMs are always open @OklahomieDoug and look forward to chatting with you soon. PEACE!!
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