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    Welcome to the deep dynasty profile for Chicago Bear inside linebacker Jack Sanborn.

    2022 Regular Season Recap

    Enter Week 9 versus the Dolphins, and after the huge Roquan Smith to Baltimore trade. Jack Sanborn caught out attention with seven solos, confirming he was Smith's replacement. So then he went on a terror for the next four weeks. Consistently landing as an upper tier-one box score that picked right up where Smith had left off. At least for our IDP purposes, can't go there yet, comparing him directly to Smith, that is.

    So all in all, in the six games he started, and just 317 snaps. Jack San born recorded an astounding 48 solos to 11 assisted tackles. Noting, he doesn't stink at it while he did it. With five for a loss and two sacks in Week 10, his season as a whole may have been shortened by landing on the I.R. (Ankle) in Week 16. But his film, and how he got this gig was nothing short of a Cinderella story.

    And it's a story that had Sanborn recording some type of points-scoring play around every fifth snap. Which is elite. And it could be said that the sad status of the Bear's defensive front five is a huge reason for such production. But if we go there, we'll add that's not likely to change anytime soon. Because so far over the last few years, that seems to be the last thing the organization needs to fix first.

    Deep Dynasty Profile

    With no current competition on this roster. And so many other important areas to cover on offense. This organization can't afford to not give Sanborn the reigns this offseason. Because if they don't ride with this undrafted rookie and build off it. They'll have to spend more money on another linebacker in free agency or draft high.

    And they still would have to pay Nicholas Morrow to return if they want him. And with that, we're assuming they will for at least one or two more years. He held his own and this team needs a veteran somewhere in this mix. And this in-house option should come cheaper than the market.

    But all in all, this guy's hot take for Jack Sanborn's deep dynasty profile is simple. And until we hear that the Chicago Bears signed or drafted a higher-profiled linebacker. We'll expect the same type of results we saw from Sanborn again next season.

    So stack those rosters with a him as solid LB1 value tag going forward. And understand that the team's condition, along with his on-par talent looks like the real deal. Though it's a very small sample to go reaching here in drafts, so do not reach too far to get him, not yet.

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