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    Welcome to the deep dynasty profile for Houston Texans safety Jalen Pitre.

    2022 Regular Season Recap

    One of the better-producing rookies in 2022, Jalen Pitre has made many IDP managers pretty happy with multiple tier-one performances. He most recently hit big versus the Browns in Week 13, recording an astounding 16 combined tackles and an interception, as if that wasn’t enough. This might indicate Pitre’s getting better because, so far, he’s been a little under par for the course.

    With or without the film review, Pitre is sitting on almost 95 total tackles and three interceptions on the year. He has been one of the only consistent components in this Texan’s defense in 2022. So, although Pitre is far from perfect, an understanding of where the state of the Texans as a team is in order here. It should add up to be a very productive opportunity by default option, either way.

    Deep Dynasty Profile

    Judging a rookie in his first season isn’t really easy when the player is what we would call average. As we kept eluding to in his hot take season recap, with “productive by default” and “not as good” statements. Pitre has a lot of work to do, including cleaning up missed tackles to improving his coverage.

    You see, we can expect a learning curve in players coming into the NFL their first year. And, as a rookie, Pitre has looked the part, showing flashes of higher-end talent. But he’s just under par in analyzing his game right now and will need to develop if he’s going to keep the starting gig for very long in the future.

    Of course, we assume that Houston will do something to improve this team eventually. That means neither Pitre’s draft stock nor the Texans’ weak depth chart guarantees anything again full-time going forward. So this deep dynasty hot take is simple — Jalen Pitre still needs to develop his talent to really be a long-term deep dynasty darling.

    As for the short dynasty window, and as long as he’s Texans’ best option, he’ll bounce in and out of tier one to tier two projections heading into this coming offseason. I’ll go on to suggest that the tier two DB option looks like the best value at the moment, especially considering the vast landscape of defensive backs available in the NFL nowadays.

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