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Welcome to the deep dynasty profile for Bears safety Jaquan Brisker.

2022 Regular Season Recap

If there is anything the Bears organization can say about 2022, it’s that they found their centerpiece of the secondary and a rookie with a Pro Bowl future is grading well on par with very impressive highlights. To Jaquan Brisker’s credit, until recently (after a concussion), he has been as stable as they come in the league as any NFL defensive player worth managing.

It’s tough heading into Week 14 for managers because this protocol can last at least a few more weeks a sad note. And makes a player an instant pull after a high hit when he returns. And to be honest, do they really have much reason to put their rookie defensive gem in danger? Especially with nothing to gain from it?

That’s why this hot take on the rest of his season isn’t smoldering. And one should be a little wary the first game he returns. But if he can get cleared after sitting out the last two contests. And if he doesn’t suffer any type of setbacks his first week back. Then he should be good to go to finish this season as one of your league top scoring rookies this season as a solid DB1.

Deep Dynasty Profile

Considering the roller coaster ride with the entire Bear’s defense. Brisker has been one of the main core players. And that was before and after the huge Roquan Smith trade with Baltimore. What else is kind of impressive but sad when we think about it?

As of week 13, Brisker leads the team in sacks with three. And has been a top tackler sitting on 93 total tackles, with a miss tackle rate under 10%. And to top it all off, a coverage completion rate of just 57%, and his first 11 games.

So could this hot take go as far as saying he’s a top 2022 DROY nominee? Because that would be easy to do as he looks like the real deal. And considering the rebuild Chicagos going through (still). Not only is Jaquan Brisker the top 2023 second-year SS target heading into the offseason. But we may be talking top 10 type production in the near future.

Especially considering the role, he took on as a rookie with some veteran presence. And don’t forget, they have also to replace former team captain Roquan Smith after he exited. It’s just something to think about as the IDP vacuum left by Smith is filled. And Brisker keeps on developing.

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