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Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Bengals Free Safety Jessie Bates III.

It doesn't seem that long ago when the Bengal's Jessie Bates was a potential top-tier DB option. But after a few very productive seasons in the league. The team improved the talent around him. Which was mainly the defensive line and those solid pass rushers. Which in turn. It's left a lot less IDP meat on the bone for Bates to absorb from the deep free safety position.

And it's not only affected his former higher-end grading. But also capped his combined tackle ceiling. And relegated him to just around 4 1/2 total tackles per contest on average. On top of fewer opportunities to make big splash plays, which also helped pad his IDP box score

Although, currently it's week 9. And the Bengal's secondary is beaten up, and the team as a whole is struggling. So this has an upside to adding an uptick to the rest of his 2022 season. We just can't count on it to be a big turnaround and add that much more to his overall production profile.

Meaning, for the rest of the 2022 season. Jessie Bates still has a lower tier 2 defensive back title written all over him. And it's unlikely that'll change much, unless. The front 7 starts going down with injuries, limiting the pass rush, or ability to stop the run.

Dynasty Profile

Although, as far as his dynasty profile, Bates still has a huge upside going forward. You see, the Bengals are not likely going to resign him after avoiding his huge payday last off-season. And at the current NFL value, they still won't be able to give him the long-term deal he's looking for. Despite it being the recent NFL trend to target this particular secondary position.

And the "backing it up" question. Do they prepare to pay their "Dirty O" stars, or draft a safety? Or promote 2022 rookie Daxton Hill? Which is willing, ready, and looks very capable.

So, that should increase his dynasty value. Or again the potential that Bates can resume his higher-end performances. As long as it's a team that utilizes him more up closer to the line in defensive packages. Where Bates can be more disruptive, and once again start absorbing more opportunities. Or perhaps, to a team comparable to the Bengals, who struggle, but don't have the higher-end pass rushers.

Giving Jessie Bates, and whatever secondary he's a part of, a lot more time to lose their man in coverage. And give him even more chances as he did in the beginning with the Bengals. And clean up what's lost by the others, (cornerbacks, etc.). So in turn, tipping the IDP scale back to his original tier-one defensive back outlook. The exact same one he had when he first joined the league. And this former struggling and poor Cinncinatti's defense.

Dynasty Hot Take

So in the end, our hot take on his dynasty profile. In time, Jessie Bates still has dynasty value upside in 2023 fantasy leagues. And another huge chance to record those triple-digit combined tackles once more. Especially knowing at this point. There's no way but up from here for Bates and his future IDP production.

When we know he can play well above par and has a very solid football IQ. Plus the fact. Any NFL team bringing him will have a purpose when they paid him. And likely making Jessie Bates a centerpiece of their defensive secondary for the long term.

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